October 18, 2008

Already slacking...

Well, I had good intentions...I really did. I started this blog over a month ago with the intention of sending it out and haven't gotten around to it. So here we are a month later! Time has absolutely been flying by. Patrick's practice is getting busy, and my Uppercase Living stuff is keeping me really busy as well.

Many of you have asked if we've moved into our new house yet, and the answer is actually...no. Unfortunately, the day before we were scheduled to move in, a water supply line broke (while we weren't there) and flooded the house. Fortunately the guy from the water company was out reading meters on a Sunday (total God thing!) and called to let us know about the extremely high reading on our meter as well as the water pouring out from underneath our doors. It ruined the floors and some of the ceiling fell in, as well as some walls had to be knocked down due to water damage. We actually had all of our stuff in our garage as we had been using it as our "storage unit" ever since we moved out of our place in Waco. Again, we were fortunate in that there were really only 4 major items (from our personal belongings) damaged...could have been much worse! All this happened on September 14th, and as of now, it looks like we'll get to move in on November 1st. We really do feel blessed that the damage wasn't more extensive than it was (while a bummer, it can always be worse - right?) and that we hadn't actually moved in yet as that would've been a hassle to move back out for the repairs!

And one last thing...I want to wish my parents a Happy 39th Anniversary! Okay, so it was yesterday, but still. :) They are such amazing people and an inspiration to us, as well as so many! Love you Mom & Dad!

Well that's all for now...I vow to be a better blogger. Happy Saturday...and Boomer Sooner! (and Go Red Raiders....Patrick made me add that. )

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  1. Kent would be proud that Patrick is cheering for the Red Raiders! We miss you guys! I'm glan you are blogging! I really enjoy keeping up with people's lives by reading their blogs. Add us to you faithful followers!


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