June 4, 2009

It's a Paint Party!

I was so excited when I recently found Melissa's blog - 320 Sycamore. She is so creative and resourceful that I am always inspired to finally get in gear and start decorating my house after reading her posts! Anyway, she is hosting a paint party today, so I decided to participate as I've been wanting to share the paint job in our dining room here as some of you have asked about it, and it is my favorite paint color in our house.

While we were building our house, I was constantly searching for the perfect paint for each room. And then one day, that magical moment occurred when I found what I KNEW I had to have in my dining room. It was, without a doubt, love at first sight. There it was...Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics. In stripes, nonetheless. Hold me.
I immediately called my mom, painter extraordanaire, and of course she was on board once she saw the picture. We decided to do all of the walls in the lighter green, Torch, and just stripe one wall with Torch and Candelabra, the darker green.

Here is the work in progress...just after measuring and taping, which took 2 years no time at all to complete.

At Christmas when I had just started to put some decorations out:

And yes, I still haven't hung anything on the walls 6 months after we've moved in...but I'm just not ready to commit! I just haven't found the perfect piece(s) for this room yet. And I'm still trying to get into my decorating mojo. But hey, if anyone has any brilliant ideas, please chime in below!

Anyway, I absolutely love the way it turned out and can't thank my mom enough for leading the way on this. I will say that metallic is not the easiest paint to work with, but once you know the technique, you're good to go. I will also add that obviously metallics are not ideal for every room in your house, but we also did our powder room in Parlor Gold and I love the way it turned out, too. (Sorry this is such a crummy picture...I really need photography lessons! I can never take pictures of anything that has a mirror in it.)

Thanks again Melissa for hosting the paint party...can't wait to check out everyone else's posts!


  1. I love your stripes. I've only tried them once, and I had Mom's help too!

  2. Sarah,
    I dropped in from the paint party. I was at Home Depot tonight and picked up the exact Ralph Lauren Regent paint folder with these stripes. I think this is awesome! I am getting ready to paint my guest bathroom and I am going to paint the ceiling antique gold, which is why I was looking at the metallics. I guess great minds decorate alike!

  3. SOOOO beautiful!! Well worth the taping. :) I am not buying anything for our walls yet either. I want to COLLECT things we love not just fill the space. :)

  4. Wow~you had vision girl, and it paid off! Gorgeous! I didn't even know RL had metallic paint. Have you seen the diy artwork at Sarah's (thrify decor chick)with the paintable wallpaper? It may be perfect in your dining room~thanks for joining the party!

  5. I've done those stripes before. In my entire dining room. Don't you just love all the measuring and taping? It makes the actual paint job seem really fast! Your dining room turned out very pretty.

  6. My bathroom is in torch and I LOVE it. It WAS a lot of work, I can't believe you did that big huge dining room with all those stripes! Wow. It looks amazing though!

  7. Love your dining room - it's fabulous!


  8. This turned out so pretty. I love this room! As you know I had full intentions of copying you. But I guess I'm not industrious enough yet! Maybe you should come do mine!

  9. you guys did such an awesome job! I have been trying to figure out a way to do stripes in my home, but have been scared to take the plunge!

  10. this is GORGEOUS! I love the stripes, especially when done with a little faux finish. I think I saw something similar in one of RL's brochures.

    thanks for the inspiration,

    Choosing Paint Color


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