June 30, 2009

Sip & See Photos!

As I mentioned yesterday, the Sip & See went great! It was so much fun and Baby Jasper received many adorable gifts. Below are some pictures from the event. I also included information about where I got most of it, as some have already asked, and I know I always like to know where to get everything, too! :)

Invites - (inspiration from the TomKat Studio) These were completely designed using digital scrapbooking kits from DigiScrap Addicts and Just Digi Layouts. I found the wording for the front on Google: Lemonade pop sweets and treats, someone new for you to meet! You are invited to a Sip & See... The back was just the party information.

Entryway - bubble wands $1 (from Dollar Tree) in pots from Dollar General ($2.50 each)

Food Table - drink jars are from Wal-Mart ($5.96 each). These are great because they're so versatile that you can use them for a variety of things!

Cupcakes - (again, inspiration from TomKat Studio...she's amazing!!) Cupcake stand is from Michael's, normally $19.99 but I bought it with a 50% off coupon. I also bought wrapping paper from Michael's, and cut circles to cover the cupcake stand. The toppers are all designs from the invitations, but I also added Jasper's birthdate for one of the toppers. That date stamp is from a digital scrapbooking kit by WM[squared]Designs. We made chocolate fudge cupcakes as well as strawberry cupcakes with blueberries in them (thanks for the idea, mom!) and they were a HUGE hit! Would love one right now. :)

Candy Bar - For guest favors, I set up a candy bar along with sippy cups for guests to take some candy home with them. (sippy cups were purchased 5/$1 at Dollar Tree - what a steal!) I bought all the candy at Wal-Mart, including the precious little swirl lollipops...only 33 cents each!

And finally, my gift to Jasper! I put together a basket, because who doesn't love gift baskets?! I bought the orange basket at Hobby Lobby and embellished it with some wood designs from Michael's and a vinyl "J" from Uppercase Living. I filled it with diapers, some clothes, a bib, and some pacifiers that I found at Target thanks to Katie at It's in the Details - that girl could be a personal shopper - she always posts about the neatest finds!

Also in the basket was a PRECIOUS dress and headband from Jaime at BusyBizzyB. Her blog & etsy shop always have such cute things, and she's GREAT to work with! This wasn't actually in her etsy shop but I requested it, and she had it to me in no time flat. Go check her out!

Oh, I also had a picture frame in the basket, and I put Jasper's first picture along with her birth info. in it...but forgot to take a picture of it actually in the frame! Here is the digital design of it:

Well, I think that's it! It was a lot of work but a TON of fun. :) Thanks to everyone who helped & shared ideas!! I'll leave you with a picture of the proud mommy, and sweet Jasper gazing up at her favorite "aunt" - me!! :)


  1. love the punch jars and their labels and the cupcakes look scrumptious! Nicely done!

  2. So freaking cute!!!!! How did you do the name cut outs? Love them! I got my cricut and was wondering if you did them with that. So awesome!!!

  3. WOW! You have officially outdone yourself! Ellie wants you to make her some of those red, white and blue "cupacakes" this weekend...i'm just sayin'

  4. It was a fabulous party. Yes Sarah, you outdid yourself.All the decor was sooooo cute. The strawberry cupcakes were a personal favorite. Wow they were good but you forgot to mention that per sister Rachael's recommendation we substituted applesauce for the oil. That and the blueberries made them oh sooooo moist. Yummy!!!

  5. Sarah,
    Wow, I am so impressed this is the CUTEST party ever! You came up with the cleverest ideas, these needs to be in a magazine somewhere, seriously!

  6. oh my gosh! You are SO creative! Love it all, LOVE IT!

  7. You are magazine bound, end of story. So much talent and creativity. You are unbelieveable!

  8. I totally convinced my nephews I was their favorite aunt. They are now in college, and one recently messaged me on Facebook and said, "How's my favorite aunt?" Don't let her forget! You are off to a great start!

  9. Fabulous job! Thank you for the "inspiration" credit...I sincerely appreciate it!

  10. How creative...I'm lovin' the sippy cups!

  11. Wow, what a cute job! Love the idea of the punch jars! Also love the sippy cup ideas! Love TomKat Studio too! She is awesome. Have you checked out Kara's Party Ideas? If not, prepared to be blown away!

  12. OMG you are so talented! I love TOMKAT studios and all their awesome stuff!!!

    So awesome you did a great job!

  13. Um, you are so big time : ) I saw you featured on Everyday Celebrating! Congratulations! How cool is that?!!

  14. I stumbled across your blog through tomkat studios. What a great shower! I had a question about the drink jars. I went to walmart today, but couldn't seem to find them!? are they glass? plastic? size? department? ok, enough question overload. My email is bkjohnson24@tx.rr.com I would forever be greatfull for a little info! thanks!

  15. SO impressive. you did an amazing job!!

  16. I Luv the invitations... they are so freakin adorable!

    All the decor is simply gorgeous and the gift basket that you made is super cute :D

  17. What a gorgeous shower! You are so talented!



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