June 29, 2009

We survived.

Well, the Home Study was NOTHING like I expected, but it went very well! I am so relieved to have that first part under our belts. Our case worker is great and really made the whole interview go as quickly and easily as possible. I will say that we were NOT ready for some of the questions that were asked, but I think we came out okay in the end...we just weren't prepared for all of the detail she'd be going into that day. Luckily Patrick & I were both on the same page, so it worked out.

The part that was probably hardest for us was saying what kind of baby we wanted, and what kind of baby we'd accept. Nobody wants to answer those questions...you just want a baby! So it really made us stop and think, which we already had on our agency application, but to voice some of it out loud made it seem so real. We're getting a baby. And soon. Maybe sooner than we think even?! Our case worker throughout the interview would stop and say, "You're going to be picked so fast. You really need to go ahead and get a car seat." And we were just taken aback! While we would love to get picked, we don't quite have enough money saved yet. We started the application process when we did because we figured it'd take awhile to get everything in order, and it still is...because we still have other things to go through. But she said she's seen babies placed before everything was complete, so we need to be prepared for that possiblity. It is SO surreal. We are just believing that we will be chosen at the right time, when our finances line up, etc., so we don't have to say no to someone. We do trust that God already knows where our baby is, so I know He'll bring him/her to us when we're ready.

It's so much about depending on Him throughout this process...and I know that's what He's teaching me. Nothing in life is in my control, other than the 7 bags of Twizzlers I chose to eat for lunch. He has blessed us with so much, and now I can't wait for Him to bless us with our baby! A wonderful thought I heard in a message last year is so appropriate for us: It is always time for God to work in our lives, but he has a set time to work in our circumstances. Each day that passes, each step we take; it becomes more of a reality. And all of the sudden you realize that He is doing all of this to prepare you for the set time. It reminds me of the lyrics from the Sanctus Real song "Whatever You're Doing": (go listen if you have time!)

Whatever You're doing inside of me
It feels like chaos but I believe
You're up to something bigger than me
Larger than life something Heavenly

Our case worker will come to inspect our house on July 24th, so now I'm working on that part of it. I also hope to make some progress on the nursery this & next week....stay tuned for pictures of that!

Oh and the Sip & See was WONDERFUL...will post on it sometime this week!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers for the home study...we so appreciate each of you and couldn't do this without your love and support! :)


  1. Oh my gosh, yay! I remember our home study interview part and it took 2 1/2 hours! We were so exhausted after it!
    Congrats on getting one step further in the process!

  2. Oh Sarah - I'm glad you made it through those tough but necessary questions! You are doing everything the absolute right way! Because you have the Lord in the center of all you are doing, and you are prayerful about the details, how can you go wrong? He does have your baby already chosen (that's so exciting to think about) and I know that who ever that precious little "him or her" is, will be loved so very much.


  3. I am so glad it went so well! You are going to be such a great mom! And, can you imagine the parties your babies will have?? : )

  4. Oh I have tears in my eyes . . .literally! I am going to be an aunt soon! And yes, Katie, this child will have parties extraordinaire!

  5. I totally relate on all levels...We weren't prepared for some of the questions our case worker asked us either! The very first question she asked me was, "So how is your relationship with you father..." She couldn't have asked a MORE complicated question and I completely froze...I didn't know what to say or how to answer!

    In the end it all works out and when you finally read your home study write up you're going to be surprised at just how detailed it is!!

    Congratulations on being one step closer to baby!!!!!

  6. Congratulations on this milestone! You are one step closer.


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