July 14, 2009

Car Seat Controversary

Okay, it's not really a controversary, but I thought that title sounded catchy. It hooked you in, didn't it? Anyway, as I have mentioned before, our agency/case worker said we need to get a car seat. I want one of those stroller combo thingys, but really don't want to drop that kind of $$$ right now since we don't know how soon we'll actually need it. So I'm thinking of buying one off of Craigslist. Don't judge me. It's just that if I bought the fancy-schmancy one I want now, we would have to take money out of our saved adoption fund to purchase it, and we really don't want to do that. So, I figured if I could get a nice, clean looking one off of Craigslist for $30, we could just use that seat as the one that will always stay in Patrick's car, and we can buy the one we will use regularly once we're closer to having the bambino. It seems like I've seen car seat covers out there...I haven't searched what all there is yet, but what do you guys know about these type of things? Will it cover the whole seat or just parts of it? Are they a pain? Educate me, please!


  1. OMG your so me :) LOL ok not really BUT I ended up just borrowing one from a friend whose baby has outgrown it then I figure/hope for the shower we will have ( after the baby gets here) we will get our own...BUT if you do buy a used one on craigslist go to etsy and they have car seat coevrs! Mind you some can be in the upwards of $75 plus dollars but I found one for $38.00 you send the fabric so its totally custom...heres the link for her stuff


  2. Hi! I'm new to your blog! Love it!

    I thought I'd send you a link: http://kdmf.blogspot.com/
    called the Kyle David Miller Foundation who actually assist people with car seats. Maybe they can help you out.

  3. I second the Etsy rec! You can put in an alchemy request where sellers will bid on your idea/item that you want. It could be a way to get a cute, affordable cover.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you stop by again.


  4. Here's my two cents. I'm all for saving money and have no problem with used items, but I really caution you against a used car seat unless you know it's owner's personally. Only because you have to be sure that it was never in an accident (sort of like getting a used helmet for a motorcycle) and there are so many recalls on car seats.

    Having said that, there are some really affordable options out there that are interchangeable with other systems. Good luck.

  5. I second Unknowns comment. There are just a few things that you want to get new, and a carseat is one of them.

    Get a new one for Patrick's car, that is not the "comb". And you can get the bigger one later.

  6. Hi! I have been reading your blog and am so excited for you guys to adopt a little one soon!
    I LOVE craigslist, but while I am not yet a mommy, I have also heard that it's not a good idea to buy a used car seat unless it's from someone you know (who has not been in an accident).. If the seat was in an accident, there could be undetectable cracks that could be very dangerous.
    Good luck!

  7. I am also against the craigslist purchase. Craigslist is awesome for some things, but car seats are not one of them. Plus, if you buy the carseat/stroller combo, you wouldn't need an extra carseat, just an extra base. They're only like $30 extra.

    But I'm all for saving money! Let's look into other options. Maybe an early shower present from your coworkers? Maybe something new with tags from ebay?

    Also, the company I work for gives you a car seat when you get a baby, it's called the buckle up baby program. Maybe you could see if your company has something similar?

    When it comes down to it, the stroller combo thing is around $300, right? $300 is not going to make or break you when you're saving for an adoption. I say, just buy it now! You know you're going to need it anyway! Maybe it can be an early Christmas present to yourself?

    Good luck!

  8. Our carseat is Graco snugrider....$150.00 and comes with the base. Then we bought the snugrider frame that the car seat attaches to as the stroller and that is only $70.00 or so so if you end up having to buy something I would do that! Not too shabby on the price!

  9. By stroller/Combo thingies are you talking about the one where the carseat comes out and attaches to the stroller? Or the one where the carseat comes out completely and turns into a stroller?

  10. We have the Graco seat that goes up to 32 lbs (most infant seats only go to 22 lbs or something like that). Everything I read said to stay away from the travel systems because the strollers are usually crappy. We bought the Graco snap and go frame and it is perfect. Once he outgrows the infant seat (really soon), we'll buy a nicer stroller that will last until he no longer needs it. I agree with the previous posters about not buying the car seat on Craig's list. I imagine you can borrow/buy one from someone you know that way you'll know it has not been in an accident.

  11. Please don't buy a used car seat! You don't know if it's been in an accident or if it's been recalled. It's so worth it to have the peace of mind that your child is completely safe in their car seat.


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