July 9, 2009

I'm Only Teasing

It's Thursday...which can only mean one thing: Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop time! Love it, love her. Jump in and participate if you haven't yet! This week I'm going with prompt #2 as I thought it'd be a nice way to work in the BumpIts review that my tens of readers have been demanding. So without further ado:

When I grow up I want to be like...

Blame it on my Mama. Obviously not just any girl can rat her hair and use 12 cans of hairspray to make it look that full and fab. Enter the Bumpit. No doubt this photo probably inspired the inventor of the BumpIt.

And Mom, while you do look stunning...WOW that's a whole lotta hair and a whole lotta volume. Just sayin. But if it weren't for my desire to be just like you, mother, I probably never would have purchased the BumpIt.

So as you guys know, I can't resist spending money on junk I'll never use a good deal. You may recall the moment we first met in the flesh. I seriously thought we would live happily ever after. I would always smile at it while getting ready for work in the morning, and would think, "one day we'll take it to the next level...I'll give her a shot and see if she meets my needs."

Well, the moment of truth has come, my friends. I finally unwrapped the glossy package.

Hmmm....those things are Huh-UGE!!! Oh well...I'll give it a shot. So I slap the big BumpIt on my head and do my best to position my hair over it so it's not noticeable. And here we are.
Raise your hand if you think it looks like I have a tumor growing on my head. That many of you? I would have to agree. You may put your hands down.

So clearly the big BumpIt wasn't meant for me, so I thought I'd try the small one and see if we were a better match.

Much better. (Sidenote: I have never taken pictures of myself in the mirror before and have no clue how you people do it.) I would possibly wear this small one because I think it gives me just a nice little "bump". However, I'm not quite confident enough to wear it and hope it doesn't slide down the side of my head in the middle of a meeting. I'm not sure I could convince somebody that a piece of plastic just fell from the ceiling. So until I can have someone help me put this in, this beauty is going back in it's package and into my pile of infomercial fails. But until then, I'm only teasing.

Thanks for being my inspiration, Mom...I really do want to be just like you in more ways than this silly one! :)


  1. I cracked up about the tumor question. I have a crush on bump-its, but my hair is very, very fine and you can see the teeth through it. =( BUT a friend of mine has one and she uses bobby pins to keep it in.
    Good luck with it- it looks cute!!

  2. I LOVE this review. So crazy - those Bump Its and the tumor that they may or may not create in your hair ;)

  3. LOL! Exactly the result I got when I used it! It was too rigid looking and it didn't feel secure! Ahh, you crack me up with your blogs!! Can't wait to meet ya, I'm sure we'll laugh and laugh together!

  4. LOVE IT!!! Looks great on you. Don't be scared go with it girl!!!

  5. This is great! Too funny!

  6. I like the small one. I was considering getting it, now I think I might lol.

  7. The small one looks good! You are such a comedian!:)

  8. Oh, I SO want one of those. I think your hair looks really great in the second set of pics! You should work it girl! Thanks for the info. Not sure if it is worth it or not!


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