July 24, 2009

Life Book: Page 1

So I finally got to work and finished the first page! I have a general outline so think it should go a lot faster from here. I'm going to do a printed cover for the book that will have our picture and names, so I thought I'd just start the first page with us meeting. We've basically been told to keep the following things in mind when creating our book:

  • Write at approximately the 8th grade level.
  • Don't use too much text as most birth mothers won't want to read your whole life story, but just get to know you in general. Many of them won't take the time to actually read it all, and we can always share more information when we meet with her (if she even wants it).
  • Do not use a lot of "scripty" type fonts, but fonts that are easy to read.
Obviously these things wouldn't necessarily apply to every agency, but some are still good things to take into consideration.

So here's what I have so far: (click on image to view it larger)

The picture on the right is scanned and not great quality...unfortunately I can't locate where I saved it digitally originally...I'm afraid it must have gotten lost in the shuffle when I switched computers. :( I'm still looking, but I might just have to have some grainy pictures! Nevertheless...

One down, 19 to go! :)

designed using HayNay's Summer in the Hamptons kit...all her kits are FAB!!


  1. this looks great! i love how you've combined the page elements--classy, not over-the-top.

    seriously? you make a 20-page book? we get 6 pages, MAX. good luck!

  2. what a great idea:) Makes me want to go scrapbook its so much fun:)

  3. It looks awesome, can't wait to see the next pages!

  4. WOW Sarah! This is fabulous...is this your very FIRST digi page? If so, you rock and need to come Scrapmatters and post; okay, even if it isn't you should post at SM! Thanks for using my kit...Such a CUTE page girl!!!

  5. Did you happen to watch the finale of 16 and pregnant? The pregnant girl was placing her baby in adoptions and she had to look through the books of adoptive families. I thought it gave really good insight to what birth parents are looking for when they're choosing the adoptive family!

  6. so glad you posted how you did it! we are so in that phase and getting advice but i havent felt to sure about any of the options we have so i am gonna check out the link now:)

  7. oh I dont know if I asked you what agency you are using...AND question is life book what you will show to the b-mom....i have also heard of lifebook as a term for a special scrapbook memory book for the baby...sorry just realized i was confused :)

  8. I really like it. I remember looking through profiles and thinking that there wasnt nearly enough information on them for me to make a good decision. I needed more. I didnt feel like a couple pictures and a few words were enough for me to choose the parents of my baby. I love that your picture looks fun and colorful because that first glance was important to me. I love yours.

  9. oh my goodness, that is just perfect Sarah!!! Too cute, I know your book will just be adorable, and you'll get picked fast!! :)

  10. Great job so far! Hope you'll share some more! Oh, and some more random coincidence - my husband grew up right next to Jay in Grove! We were actually there this weekend! :)

  11. This is SO CUTE... It is really amazing how differently agencies operate. You get a whole book... we get a page (text on the front, pictures on the back). We were advised to maybe make a lifebook so if a mom is on the fence between tow couples, the agency can show it to her, but they don't use it otherwise. I never did make one. Maybe I should.


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