July 9, 2009

Project Nursery - Stage 1

My little elves sister, nieces, and 2 nephews came into town yesterday for an appointment my sister had to go to. Little did they know, they would get to head up Stage 1 of Project Nursery for Baby Martin. I have to say - those boys can work! Check out Zackary & Hayden - how cute are they?!The boys and Gabi were a little hyper and were excited to help get their soon-to-be new little cousin's room ready!

So I put that energy to work, and we got to movin'! Everything you see in the picture above was moved elsewhere. So now that wall looks like this:

This is where the crib will go. And I have big plans for this little piece of wall. Actually got started on it last night, and made some great progress! I'll leave you with this clue of what I am doing. Any of you who follow some of these nursery or DIY blogs might have an idea of what I'm planning. :)

Stay tuned for the big reveal!


  1. some sort of color scheme? red, blue, orange...?
    Ugh, I'm going to need your help when we decorate a nursery, I'm SO not crafty when it comes to stuff like that! And I want to be! I started following some of the blogs you follow so I can get some new ideas! I didn't see any baby ones though, so if you have some, recommend them to me, so I can follow them too!

  2. I am thinking stripes...can't wait to see it. And thank you so much for your comment and "promoting" me. :-) I just scrolled down and the shower looked AmAzInG!! Wow! YOu are talented. It looked fabulous! I am so glad she liked the dress. :-) Thanks again, Sarah.

  3. Hi Sarah,

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  4. it's so obvious! and it will be super cute. (it's rows of colored squares, right?) you've inspired me to remember to post before/during/after photos of my nursery re-do! but first, i REALLY must finish some paperwork.

  5. You've been tagged so go check it out sista!

  6. I didn't know that you had a blog and I LOVE it! So excited to watch your nursery come together :)
    XO, Molly

  7. You're doing the ballard design/centsational girl blocks of different colored/designed squares? I'm so loving that idea and have TONS AND TONS of scrapbooking paper I could use to make them for my home a la centsational girl!

  8. OH the nursery details? I can't wait I LOVE decorating and often think about how our nursery will look! I go from girlie to thinking we should stay gender neutral, I love a Tiffany blue, and also a classy yet fun black and white....mind sharing any of the DIY or nursery blogs you look at???

  9. I am SO glad we were there for stage 1 of many stages to come for Beebs Martin! It was a blast "supervising" . . ha, ha.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog :) I look forward to following your journey! May your wait be short.

  11. Your lucky to have those nieces to help you with your nursery room.


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