July 28, 2009

Q&A: Answers, Part 1

Thank you for the great questions! I'm going to break the answers into 2 parts so this doesn't get too long. Side note: If I don't list who asked it, it's because they either emailed me and didn't leave their blog address, or I was asked the question multiple times. So here we go!

Q: What program do you use for digital scrapbooking?

A: I started out doing the bootleg version of digital scrapbooking by designing in PowerPoint and Publisher. It is pretty simply, but also fairly limiting when compared to what you can do in PhotoShop. I recently started using Photoshop, which is definitely the program of choice for digital scrapbooking. However, it is pricey so you might also consider trying Photoshop Essentials, which is considerably cheaper. (You can download a free trial off their website and try it out before you buy it.) If you want more info on how to scrap in PowerPoint or Publisher, just let me know.

For the pages I'm making for our Life Book, I'm using templates (like the ones seen here) that you design using photoshop. They are so, so, easy and I love them! I got a 40 pack of them free with purchase during a sale ScrapMatters was having last month. There are also lots of places you can download free templates - just google "free digital scrapbooking templates". I think these are only for use in Photoshop? But not sure.

Q: What are your favorite sites to download/purchase digital scrapbooking kits?

A: Shabby Princess has several amazing kits that are free to download, so I would recommend starting out with them to get the hang of things. I have also purchased quite a few things from ScrapMatters. Their prices are great, and they have sales often.

I also follow quite a few of the designer's blogs, and they give out freebies/add-ons occassionally. Her are some of my favorites: HayNay, Britt-ish Designs, and WM[squared]Designs. I also signed up for the ScrapMatters newsletter, which is is sent monthly and is a wonderful resource full of tips, design ideas, and a free kit. You can also google "free digital scrapbooking kits" and find more stuff than you can ever use!

Q: Would you mind sharing your templates for your drink and brownie labels?

A: I'd be glad to! Leave your email address in the comments, along with which template(s) you'd like, and I'll send them your way. Both were created as Word documents and I just dropped in a digital scrapbooking design for the brownie labels, then added a text box over that. I downloaded the fonts for free from Kevin & Amanda's Scrapbooking Fonts. If you have not been to her site, check it out. Amazing fonts - and all for free!! Can't beat a deal like that. (I think I've already responded to anyone else who asked for these, but if I missed you, just let me know!)

Kristy asked:

Q: What is your favorite restaurant?

A: As far as chain restaurants, I would have to go with Cheddar's. Love love LOVE their Spinach Dip. And their Honey Lime dressing? Hold me. It even persuades me into eating salad! Accompanied by a Honey Butter Croissant, nonetheless, but still. Scrump.

Just Lisa, No Filler asked:

Q: What are you going to do when the baby has been screaming for the last 20 minutes? You've fed him, changed him, burped him, cleaned him, rocked him..... still screaming. What do you do?

A: Great question, Lisa. Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you on this one, but I have a feeling it will have something to do with me curled up in the fetal position rocking in the corner while chanting to myself, "This is what you always wanted. This is what you always wanted."

Brodrick Family asked:

Q: How do you put the lines through the words?

A: To put a strikethrough, you put the letter s in the middle of these characters < > before the part that you want the strikethrough to start at, then type the text that you want to have the line through it. When you are finished, put < /s > where you want it to end and it should work. Do not put spaces between the characters; I just did that so it wouldn't actually strikethrough everything I just typed. Make sense? This was hard to explain because it kept picking up the html and not just letting me type the text, so sorry for the crazy explanation!

I will stop with that today, but will answer some more tomorrow. Because I know you guys are losing sleep waiting for all of my answers. Ha! :)


  1. Totally just laughed out loud at your answer to the screaming baby question! You are a hoot!

  2. love Q&A maybe one of these days Ill do that too:)

    I love, love Photoshop and even teach the class and couldnt speak high enough of it but its definitely a program you have to learn because its nothing like anything else.

    Also, there is a free version of Photoshop called GIMP that costs nothing for the full version of it for anyone interested that doesnt want to fork out the $

  3. Thanks for giving a shout out to Cheddar's! Now I will be craving it until I eat there. And yes, you will be in the fetal position when you can't get the baby to stop crying, just like the rest of us mommies...welcome to motherhood:)

  4. I LOVE SPINACH DIP TOO! I wish I was so crafty with scrapbooking. I bought a digital scrapbooking program on amazon for 13$ and was highly rated so I'll upload it soon when my finals are done :)

  5. The baby answer was just too funny!

    Put on your fanciest outfit and join me at my blog for an award ceremony :)You have been nominated...

  6. I had to laugh about the baby question. Mine has been screaming...too tired to sleep...and I feel like curling up in the fetal position right now too!

  7. Hi Sarah! How do you add the scarp pages to the top of your blog? Like as a header? I got a digital scrapbooking artist software on amazon for $13 and am doing great things on it but want to make a header for my blog!

  8. You're so talented and knowledgable about all this stuff! Great answer to the baby crying question! LOL I would have said, I would pass the baby to the hubs, and pour myself a cocktail!


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