July 22, 2009


Just found out our home study has been cancelled for Friday b/c it's not going to work for our case worker to make the trip here that day. (We're 2 hours away.) All these late nights cleaning, fees paid to overnight documents, and barking at Patrick to keep his stuff picked up for nothing. I kid, I kid, we all know I never bark at Patrick - only whisper sweet nothings in his precious little ears. And I know my work's not completely wasted, but still. I'm ready to have this thing over with! We're looking at dates in August now.

On another note, should I go private? I really don't want to because I love meeting all of you and connecting with people I never would in real life. However, sometimes I wonder if I'm too 'out there'. Do I share too much? I just don't know. I DO know that I enjoyed the hate mail I got from someone who questioned my readiness to be a parent since I'm 'selfish enough' to consider putting my child in a used car seat. That was fun.

Gotta head into a meeting now. Toodles!
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  1. Oh my gosh!! I don't understand why people say mean things. Ugh!

    I have thought about going private as well, but haven't decided yet... but I haven't had any mean comments either!

  2. RIDICULOUS!!! If anything, just don't accept anonymous comments, because no person in their right mind would want to be tracked down after saying something like that. RUDE!!! I've gone back and forth about the private thing too...at least you and I will always be in touch. And I've met a lot of people who I am sure will still follow if I go private too. but I'm not going to do it yet.

  3. Yikes, I'm sorry someone felt the need to be rude and obnoxious! I agree about not accepting anonymous comments.

  4. Oh girl, I'm so sorry it got rescheduled! That's frustrating! At least you know that you can still turn in your book before you get that done. I think you should go private because nosey strangers shouldn't be able to read about you and leave nasty comments without saying who they are! Because once you have a baby, you'll be getting even more people telling you what you are doing wrong!

  5. HAHA, selfish b/c of a used car seat, LOL. I am new to your blog, came across it somehow and have totally loved reading and hearing your journey. I hope you choose to be open to the public and please ignore the less than bright people that leave you stuff like that. You were only trying to save a few dollars, now that you were told by many parents and others that used car seats need to be checked closely... I am sure you took that advice to heart, for pete's sake that makes you a smart woman, lol.

  6. Oh Sarah, so sorry you have to push the date ahead. There's a reason for it. God knows. And I'm even more sorry for that ugly comment! You know the enemy is out there waiting to pounce because he feels threatened by your commitment to God in all your plans. Let those hateful words slide right off your back! I have admired you for sharing your heart publicly the way you have - and know that you are touching lives by sharing your story.

    My prayer is that you will share a nice, peaceful day with your hubby on what would have been a bit stressful before the cancellation.


  7. Sorry, your appt. got cancelled. Hopefully, it will be rescheduled soon. I do not think you are putting too much out there. I find truth and honesty refreshing. I am thankful I found your blog.
    Blessings to you,

  8. Take it as a compliment -- you have totally made it in the blog world! : )

  9. I am really sorry about your home study being pushed back. I know it must be hard to wait but know that God's timing is perfect.

    As for going private, you should do what you feel is best. If dealing with rude, know it all people is going to get you down or eat at you, then by all means don't give access to those people. This is supposed to be an exciting journey for you and you shouldn't have to deal with negativity. Getting a used car seat is no different to me than using the same car seat for a 2nd, 3rd etc child. I'm sure that car seat is perfectly safe and fine! Hang in there!

  10. Im another one who has considered going private but so far I have had no problems so Ill stay open until that point. Yikes about the person that said that, just wrong! What difference does it make whether you have a used or new car seat it all works the same:)

  11. So sorry to hear that it was cancelled. With Home Studies I have heard that they don't look under beds or anything or wipe their fingers on the top of your fridge (at least that is what our SW said). But at least you have a really really clean house :)

    I came across your blog and I can't quite remember how and but just love your style. Don't let ignorant people bother you. Some people have a lack of a sensor on their brain.

  12. Hhmmmm.....what does that make me??? Irresponsible, immature, unfit?? It seems I bought a used crib for the 5 of you and the more I think about it, the car seat was used as well....and somehow you all made it. Imagine that??disregard the comment, the individual needs a reality check.

    As for the home visit, my dear. Enjoy your clean house...I'll be back to help you with Round #2. As it has already been commented, it is all in the Lord's timing. And don't you just love this one: He is building your character!!! To which you may respond but "Mom , you already said I was quite a character! " :)

    Keep blogging we are all loving it.Love U

  13. Don't go private. . . you are developing quite a following I see! You need to share your story. This means "putting yourself out there," sometimes at your own expense, for the good of others and yourself. Keep 'em comin'! All will work out in the end. . . have a good feeling about this. :)

  14. I LOVE thoughtless anonymous comments! They make my day!

    I say, stay public... just don't share your last name or where exactly you live. And once you get your baby, don't share any photos until the adoption is final.

    Good luck!

  15. Sorry for the lame comment someone left you... I must be selfish, too, because I'll be getting a hand-me-down car seat from my sister. Doesn't that count as used? Geeze!

    Anyway, sometimes what I have seen some people do is copy and paste a lame comment they've received in a POST rather than publishing it as a comment and then let the rest of us readers have at 'em :) Ha!

    As you know, I've found this blogging thing very therapeutic and I'm very pro-blogging, so I hope you continue to write so other folks have a chance to find you! As the wait goes on, you may find you need it more and more. I'll admit, I did shut down a previous blog because of a bully, but in retrospect, that really wasn't necessary. Eventually I reached a point where I needed the support again so I started a new blog.

    Maybe go more anonymous rather than private? No names and stuff? I dunno... If you're worried something may prompt mean comments, don't post about it, or call out the possibility for criticism right in your post and remind folks these are YOUR emotions, and feelings aren't really subject to criticism. At least that way they know they can't catch you off guard... (But who would've thunk a car seat would be a "controversial" issue. Whatever!)

    Anyway, it's ultimately up to you!

  16. I just published a comment and realized you don't have comment moderation on... you can activate that so then you can "screen" comments... :)

  17. Sorry about the home study. So frustrating!

    Don't let other people get you down. Simply ridiculous that you got an email like that.

    I'm new to your blog & I feel that you are honest & really honesty is beautiful.

    Have a great day!

  18. I (as many others) SO appreciate your honestly and openness! I understand your qualms - I have yet to find the courage to blog about our adoption journey to date, but I hope to begin soon!

  19. Your honesty and openness is so nice - a reason I started reading your blog. There are rude people in this world - and many just enjoy feeling better by hurting others. You are better than that - and you are going to be a great mom.

  20. Sarah, you are anything but selfish! You are using this time to learn from other's. From what I have seen every first time mother is nervous and has a lot to learn about the details. You have so much love in your heart that any baby would be lucky to have you as a mother:) I think you should do whatever feels right as far as going private. From what I've seen you are an inspiration to many others going through adoption......

  21. There's always gotta be a hater on blogs! Ignore the stupid comments, and stay public. This is your life, your story to tell. Nevermind the busy bodies who have nothing better to do than to pick on someone they don't even know!

    That stinks about the homestudy. Hope you get it rescheduled soon.

  22. I seemed to have missed this post earlier. I'm sorry that anyone would spend the time to write something like that. I know you are fine, but honestly it says more about the author than it does about you.

  23. wow, you got flamed? I've never been flamed in all of my 6 years of blogging. Consider yourself successful!

    (now watch, I'll get burned tomorrow.)

    I'm sorry about your postponed appointment, that sucks!

  24. Well, I'd wish I could say it is the last bad advice or tacky comments you will receive as a parent, but sad to say no. Just take it as the first of many times someone will stop you in the mall to explain why whatever you have just done or not done with your child was wrong or might kill them....isn't life fun?

  25. Wow - you got hate mail - I'm so jealous. :) Seriously, you're going to be a great mama and whomever it was can go suck an egg. I understand if you go private, just give us some notice so we can provide you with the necessary info to invite us. :)


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