January 19, 2010

Label Giveaway

So as I mentioned, I'm an organizing fool lately. With the help of my mom, we tackled the garage this weekend. Here it is before (and yes, I'm so embarassed it looked like this. We never organized after moving in.)

And the after! Thanks so much mom!! :)

On to the giveaway. I love labeling things, and ended up with some duplicates last time I ordered, so I'd like to share them with one of my lovely readers! Here are some I have in our bathroom cabinet.
I have about 15 or 20 labels of different words that I used to organize my pantry, linen closet, and movies. They are all soft copper in color and 1 inch tall.

Want to win? Here are the ways to enter. Please leave a separate comment for each entry.
*Leave a comment saying which part of your house needs organizing the most.
*Become a follower or let me know you already are one.
*Blog about this giveaway.
*Tweet about this giveaway.

Contest is open until Sunday, January 24th at noon. Good luck!


  1. My husband would be in Heaven! He's a true "everything in its place..." kind of guy.

    P.S. Will you respond to this with your address? I guess I didn't save it from Christmas and I have a little something to send Baby Martin.

  2. I am a follower - These are great!

  3. I am thinking that my kitchen, more like my pantry needs organizing. And my spices!!

  4. I think your before and after pictures are mixed up!! Unless your mom helps organize like my kids!!

    Looks great though!!

  5. Your before and afters made me smile. I was like, "whoa-- she totally thinks THAT pic is messy?!?". Then, I saw the 2nd pic and realized they were backwards! ha! I could totally use those labels! Most of my house needs reorganizing. So, I am just going to tell you the place that doesn't-- the linen closet. That is the ONLY place in our home that is perfect and doesn't need any improvement. Much easier than telling where I do need improvement! ha!

  6. Oh, and I am already a follower :) Pick me pick me!

  7. love the pictures of your linen closet. I would love to do that with mine! :)

  8. I am a follower! and currently a fellow okie. :)

  9. I have closet envy! Can there be a tie on what area of my house needs organizing the most -- well, it would be my basement and garage. Ugh! Of course, I am already a follower.

  10. I'm a follower...and these are such a good idea...I'm kind of OCD about organization!

  11. Our bathroom closet could use some help!

  12. I haven't thought about the idea of using labels but I think they would work best in our game/toy closet.

  13. I am also a follower and love your blog!

  14. I'm a follower and I think my linen closet needs this DESPERATELY! I can hardly keep the door closed. It's a disaster! :)

  15. I'd love to win. My closets are a huge mess.

  16. Our dvd collection is what REALLY needs organizing! Our hall linen closet needs help, too!

  17. You're on my blogroll.... does that count as following?


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