November 19, 2009

Answering your Questions!

As you may recall, I said I'd answer the questions on here we are! Nevermind the fact that it's actually 2 Thursday's later...better late than never, right? On with questions!

Beth said,
Q: "i know your husband is a doctor, so i'm curious if he's going to deliver your baby? i have been reading since you very first started blogging, and i remember you mentioning his profession early on. just so you don't think i'm a stalker :) congrats again!!!!!"

A: First of all, thank you very much Beth for being a long time reader! I really didn't think anyone other than my sister (who I made read it) and myself had been tuning in that long. So thanks for sticking with me through the blah's and random moments. :)

To answer your question, no - my husband will not be delivering our baby. He said he can be my husband or my doctor that day - but not both. And I'd rather have my husband. :) Seriously though, we thought about it but decided not to do it. He's in a different mindset when he's delivering and wouldn't be as available to support me emotionally, which is something that's really important to him. And heaven forbid should I have to have a c-section, the thought of him cutting into me...well, I just think our marriage would never be the same. Call me crazy (cause I am)...but we decided it would be best this way. One of his partner's is my doctor and we really like him, so we're good to go!

Angela and Step-fabulous both said they would love to see more pictures of my home decor, so I am working on getting some pictures ladies! That will be an upcoming post...thanks for the interest. I must remove the 7 layers of dust throughout my house before photographing anything though, so we'll see how this turns out.

Cassie said,
Q: Are you going to find out what you are having? What about names?

A: Good ones Cassie, I get those a lot! YES, we are going to find out the gender! In fact, this Sunday I will be 15 weeks and we're going to try to take a look then. Actually Patrick isn't going to come in because we're not going to have the doctor tell us (if he can for sure tell) and I don't want Patrick to accidentally catch a glance. He's going to write the gender down in a sealed envelope (Patrick is on a search for something tamper proof and resistant to light since he thinks I'm nosey and will peek...ha!) and we're going to have a gender reveal party with our family over Thanksgiving! So I'm REALLY hoping he can tell, but I know it may be too soon. For the record, we both think it will be a BOY!

And finally, NAMES! We have a boy name picked out that we have had since January...I will share the story behind that another time. But as far as girl names, we really don't have anything! To be honest, we haven't looked or thought about names really at all. So we'll have to get to work if we find out it's a girl!

Cassie and Matt & Alisha said,
Q: Are you going to keep the nursery decor?

A: As far as nursery decor, we will most likely change it. Since we'll know the gender, we both have very different ideas about what we'd want, whether it be a boy or girl. So, I have been praying about what to do with the bedding. I would like to give it to a family/mother who needs stuff for their nursery. So far I haven't come across anyone, but I feel strongly this is what I'm supposed to do so I'm sure an opportunity will come up.

Step-fabulous and Matt & Alisha said,
Q: Where did you get the stuff for the shirt/where did you get it made?

A: I designed my shirt in Publisher using digital scrapbooking supplies, then printed it on iron-on transfer paper (do NOT get the kind from Hobby Lobby). I also made a shirt for Patrick. His brother and wife are serving as medical missionaries in Ecuador, so we told them via times! :)

And finally, Jennifer said,

Q: Where did you get your hoodie??

A: I LOVE this hoodie and got it at a ghetto store called Fallas. They had one in Waco when we lived there, but I think it's closed now? I actually got this one when I was visiting my sister in Dallas for a whopping $3.99!! And that wasn't even on sale...that's regular price!! The store is kind of hit and miss but I like to stop in if I'm near one...I'm all about a good deal. I meant to look at the brand but forgot...if anyone's interested just email me (or comment) and I'll look.

Whew!! That was a back tomorrow with some's been TOO long!! :)


  1. Very thorough - nice job and can't wait to see the pics! :)

  2. I love reading about your pregnancy. I am so glad everything is going well and I cannot wait to hear what you are having. Such a beautiful blessing.

  3. Will you email me and tell me where that store is in Dallas? I'm from there and live in Austin now so I go back all the time. Thanks so much!

  4. I should think you'll need your hubs right by your side when you deliver!

    Love the shirt!

  5. ooh, i'm so excited for you and your family ! i think it's now time to start posting a few... BELLY PICS!

  6. I love reading about your journey! What an exciting time! I know where you are coming from about the whole my husband delievering the baby thing! I imagine I will need a husband and a doctor. Two in one is not an option :)

    can't wait to keep following :)

  7. For the record..... I have been following along since the beginning too!! Ha Ha.... Hope things are well.... DON'T stay sot busy!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing! That was fun to read. So excited for you!

  9. I am so thrilled for you!! Can't wait to hear what the gender is!!

  10. SO fun learning more about you! I did the iron transfer thing when I announced my second pregnancy!
    What fun about the gender revealing party - never heard of that, but love it! the hoodie that you got for ONLY $3.99 - nice!


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