November 4, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: My Cute Nieces!

Check out these absolutely ADORABLE pictures of 2 of my nieces! A friend of a friend of my sister-in-law's is using these pictures on an etsy listing for the cute hats. Couldn't have found better models, huh?! :)

You can go here to see the full listing on Etsy.


  1. Pretty sure those hats wouldn't be near as cute without those beauties underneath them! :)

  2. cute hats and BEAUTIFUL girls!!

  3. Goodness! Absolutely beautiful...and I just love all kids in hats. :o)

  4. Love those knit hats...cute patterns; Cutie pies...keep them away from the boys!

  5. No kidding! They're gorgeous. Wow.

  6. Great pictures, adorable nieces, and cute hats.

  7. Sarah,

    I found your blog from Krysty's at Hall 4 One and you adoption story sounds a lot like us :)

    I would love to talk to you through email, as we are just starting our adoption journey. I am VERY interested in getting the name of the agency that you had originally decided to go through.

    Congratulations on becoming pregnant...what a BLESSING!!!

    Praying for you as you experience this journey!

  8. They are so cute and those hats are adorable!!

  9. Your nieces are beautiful!!!! Love the hats...may have to pic some up for my nieces :)

  10. Awesome pictures of adorable girls!


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