January 26, 2010

Christmas Gifts for the Babe

I know I'm a little late on this post (say, like a month...can't believe that much time has passed since Christmas!) but I said I'd post pictures of some of the Christmas gifts Baby Martin got, so here we go.

Check out this sweet onesie my Aunt Nancy sent him...I love it!!

My mom and dad got him these outfits...aren't those monkey feet too precious?!

This stuff all came from my nephew Jax. There are getting to be so many grandkids in the family that they draw names & buy for each other, so this year he got in on the fun a little early. Love it all!

Here is a little picture I made for Patrick and framed. In case you can't tell, this is the ultrasound picture where you can see him playing with, ahem, it. I thought it would be a funny little joke and I put it in Patrick's stocking. Imagine my horror when I went up to his clinic the other day and he has this sitting out in the nurse's station!!! Seriously?! He thought it was funny and said everyone gets a laugh out of it. Again, I'm dealing with a child here. But I wouldn't have it any other way. :)
I also put this onesie in his stocking...so cute. :)
My parents got him this Baby Bible Storybook and I love it!! We try to read him a story every night.
Some more cute little monkey outfits from my sister...just can't get enough of those!!!
And this last gift is from my little sister, and includes a hint as to Baby Martin's name! Any guesses?? It's pretty uncommon, or at least not something I think anyone would just guess out of the blue. I just might have to give a little prize away if someone guesses correctly! (Those of you who know PLEASE do not say...you won't win!!) Either way, I'll share his name this week.

Sound off below with your guesses! :)


  1. Cute stuff. Is is Elijah? Thats the only boy E name I can think of.

  2. I love all of the "monkeywear"!

  3. cute stuff! i guess easton?!?

  4. Aww the monkey stuff is so adorable!! And it's too funny that your husband took that picture to work, ha!

    I've always liked the name Eli :)

  5. Ooooo baby names! My favorite! I am going to guess Elliot.

  6. Elijah, Eli, Evan, Eamon...
    What awesome gifts for a very playful little boy :)

  7. Idk....maybe Eliot? Or maybe you're going to have an Eli or Elijah like me!!! :)

  8. I'm going with Elliott. It's my mom's maiden name, my middle name, and my son's middle name.



  9. Baby Martin racked up! Love all the cute monkey outfits...so sweet!

    For names, I guess Everett, or Emerson. Can't wait to hear!

  10. I'm guessing Elijah. That's the first thing that came to mind!

  11. My guess is Everett just because a friend of mine is using that for a boys name if she has a boy!

  12. Umm... Ethan? Evans? Eli?

    Those are the first to pop in my head!

  13. They are all so very cute! Any idea where she got the precious onesie that says "Jesus loves me"? I just love it!

  14. my first thoughts were Eli and Ethan. I love both. I think about naming my second if a boy, Ethan!
    By the way, William has all of those same monkey outfits! SO CUTE!

  15. I think it is HILARIOUS that you husband put the picture of baby E playing with himself up for everyone to see! hahaha!

    I would have died!

    My guess is Ellis?

  16. Ha, Aja, I was going to say Ezra too! So I guess that is my guess. I cannot wait to hear! I do love the name Easton mentioned above. Sounds very distinguished!

  17. Without looking at the other posters, all I got is Ethan and Evan.

    The monkey stuff is ADORABLE. I saw some cute Carter's monkey receiving blankets at BRU last time I was there (you probably have them!)

    The photo and the fact that it ended up out 'in public' is hysterical!

  18. Since I'm deep into baby-name shopping and since you said it was unusual, I'm going to go with one I read this morning--Evander!

  19. Monkey feeet! Too cute. I was going to guess Everett as well - but maybe Edward? Are you a Twilight fan? ;) Just kidding.


  20. you have gotten lots of cute stuff looks like he is already a spoiled little boy:)

    Im guessing Ethan?

  21. Love all of Baby Martin's presents....the monkey stuff is adorable!

    Ha--you say it starts with "E" and all that comes to my mind is Elmo. Can you tell who Cooper likes...??

    My first guesses are already out there: Easton, Evan or Everett. I can't think of anything else real original right now...Emmanuel? or Ezekial? Whatever it is I'm sure it's beautiful...I can't wait to hear.

  22. I like Ethan, but it's pretty common. I'm thinking a biblical name... maybe Elijah?

  23. I died laughing at the ultrasound pic, that is too hilarous!

    I know his name...haha! I won't tell cause I don't want to spoil it... :)

    I got your baby gift yesterday!!!! You need to come to Wilburton to see Nathan when you get back and I'll give it to you!!

    Love you!!!

  24. aw!!! everything is so cute!!
    i love all things baby!!
    if i'm making a guess it would be easton....i think that name is so cute but totally hockey related and i have a fiance who is all hockey so that would never fly around these parts ;)
    can't wait to hear the name ya'll picked!!

  25. Is it Ephram? All of the monkey stuff is cute! It's clear he will be a very spoiled little boy ;-)

  26. Darling stuff for baby Martin. Can't wait to hear his name. I LOVE unique ones. We have an unique name for our baby picked out too (because it has to "flow" with her brothers, beck and briggs) but we don't think we are going to share until she comes-just to avoid some weird looks that some people will give, ya know?. :-)

  27. Those outfits are so adorable! And the onsie that says Jesus Love Me is precious! Humm, E name, I am thinking Ethan or Elijah?

  28. My friend bought us the Mommy and Daddy love me outfit for Christmas! Love it!

  29. My friend bought us the Mommy and Daddy love me outfit for Christmas! Love it!


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