January 27, 2010

Shopping for the Baby!

I totally didn't realize how much stuff I've picked up for him until I started adding pictures to this post. I mean, it's not a ton of stuff, but keep in mind I've bought this all just here and there, picking up one and two things at a time...and most of it has been on sale at excellent prices! (Yes, I feel the need to justify myself.)

Here are some preeesh-ious shoes I found and a cute onesie...mama can always dream that he loves to nap, right?! (Sorry the picture is turned...can't figure out why it's doing that - anyone know? I've re-uploaded it 3 or 4 times and it keeps doing it.)

Another cute pair of shoes I got for 99 cents!
I got these at one of those surplus stores...they are all Gap & Old Navy and were 99 cents each...thought they'd be perfect for lounging. :)
On the left is a set of fold-up hooks that we'll put somewhere in the nursery. I also bought several of the blue storage boxes for $1, because I have a passion for containers. :) And a little thingy you can put in the dishwasher to wash stuff...yes, that's the technical name for it.
I know this is a little premature, but for $2.99 how could I pass?! Any volunteers to remind me next year that I have this?
This was one of those things I couldn't decide if I should get or not because I could always just put it on my registry. It's a Jeep brand shopping cart/high chair cover. I love the print, and for $15 bucks I decided to just go for it.
This was on sale at Wal-Mart for 50 cents...how could I resist? :)
Some more storage things as well as receiving blankets. I think we might use one of those to have my mom make me a nursing cover.
Some more containers...the same blue one you already saw, a smaller blue striped one that was also $1, and the khaki ones from Target weren't on sale, but I still needed them.
This next item I would like some feedback on. It's one of those blanket bags. I got it for like $16, which is a good price compared to other places I've seen them. It seems like a cool concept, but I'm curious...will I actually use this? Anyone out there have one?
Some cute booties...one pack was $3, the other $5.
I loooove this super soft swaddle blanket, and it was only $5!
I found this JJ Cole Diapers & Wipes pod for only $8. I think these are so cool and will definitely be useful for on the go.
Not sure where we'll put this, but it's a cute train set from IKEA that was cheap...Patrick loved it too so we decided to go ahead and get it.
I got this nursing cover free with a coupon from Udder Covers. I did have to pay $8.95 shipping, but not too bad a deal!
A cute pack of onesies and some plaid shorts...when I showed Patrick these, he asked if I was going to get him a pocket protector, too. The plaid is cute, right?!My favorite onesie from the pack above. :)
One of my favorite onesies from Gap...only $3!!
And finally, a few decorations for the room. Some of you have asked if I've decided on a theme, and we're not really going with a set "theme", so to speak. His bedding & room will be in blue, chocolate brown, white, and khaki mostly. We will have some accents, such as vintage airplane type stuff, and of course you can't forget this guy, so a monkey or two will be present. Here are a couple of planes and a frame I got from Kirkland's.

This is all currently in a ginormous stack in his room...mama needs to get busy! Hope to have some pictures of room ideas/progress for you soon!


  1. Wow, you got such great stuff!! I'm addicted to all things organization so I love all the boxes. And the clothes & shoes are adorable!

  2. LOVE the shopping cart cover! I so want one too! 15$ seems like a steal! And...the plaid is so cute! I love the Chubby onsie! Ahhh babies!!!

  3. You are in great shape! You found so many great deals. :-D

  4. Yay! I love it all!!! Oh and the Mom onesies were always my fave for Mist!! I am so happy for you!!

  5. Cute, cute stuff, and girl you found some deals too! I really like the shopping cart cover. And, those puma socks are so stinkin cute!

  6. I love that shopping cart cover, I'm super jealous that I didn't find that!!! :)

    Love Love Love it all!

    I want to see you soon and give "E" his present! Did anyone guess his name correctly?

  7. Wow!! You got a lot of great deals! And such cute storage stuff...gotta love good deals on storage containers. Cooper has several sock monkeys and loves them SO much....he will drag his blue one around and the brown one stays in his crib. What a cute shopping cart cover--I'm on my second one. The first one wasn't all one piece and was hard to put in while I was holding Coop, but the second one is all one piece and I love it. I'm so jealous of the great deal you got on it! I have never used (or known anyone who used) the blanket in a bag---so I can't comment. I have to say that the one clothing item that would almost make me really emotional were the little socks and shoes---everytime I would see them I would start to cry. My husband would torment me sometimes---he's got "that" kind of sense of humor. :)

  8. Isn't baby stuff ridiculously adorable and so much fun to buy (especially when you find the great bargains that you did)?! I cannot even imagine how excited you are! Yeah!

  9. How fun! I love all the blue!!

  10. LOVE it all! (And more is on the way!!)

    The nursing cover is priceless. Really.


  11. I received my goodies in the mail today! Thank you SO much for sharing! I have had so much fun going around organizing! Some of them were not useful for me, so I got creative and cut them up and made them useful!!! I made my own words! I am going to check out the wonderful graffiti website! I think you may have passed on your obsession to me!

    Love all of the stuff you got, especially that "chubby" onesie! Wanted to tell you that I registered for one of those blankets and didn't receive one, but, I did find a HUGE beach towel on sale at Target and bought it. We have used it MANY times going to the park, having picnics, outdoor events. So, I do believe that you will get some use out of yours. Also, the diaper and wipe pod is the GREATEST organizing invention! I have one called "Diapees and Wipees" and I LOVE it! I also had one of those shopping cart covers, and it is SO useful, so don't regret buying it because you never know, it could turn out that no one gets it for you.

    Also, something I REALLY recommend is called a "tiny diner" by "Kiddopotamus". If you eat out a lot, you will find this so useful. It is a placemat with suction cups on the bottom and a tray that hangs off the edge to catch all they drop. It was the one thing from my registry that I JUST HAD to have. I use it all the time and carry it everywhere with me!

    Ok, that's all, boy that was a mouthful!

  12. you've gotten some cute stuff!! and i bought Baby Girl that I love to nap onesie too.. Here's to hoping!

  13. When the time comes for me, I need to go shopping with YOU! You got some great buys...and adorable stuff. Love the decorations too.

  14. I was unaware of your "Chubby" and "moms forever" onesie purchases...too cute!

  15. Oh, I love it! Baby stuff is so fun! Enjoy it! It goes so fast. I went shopping for Cilla yesterday and it made me a litte sad that I had to go to the toddler stuff to get her jammies! This time last year I was buying the itty bitty things! I ate at Schmaltz's on Tuesday with my girlfriends and thought of you ;)!

  16. What great deals! Would you like to shop for my kids as well?

  17. Cute stuff and great deals! And the little Puma booties? ADORABLE!!!


  18. Hee hee hee... stop shopping! You're going to get a ton of stuff at your showers! I know, you're excited, you can't help it!

    I personally have never owned a blanket bag, but you can never have too many blankets! I think it would be good as an outdoor blanket-- keep it in your car all the time, so it's handy if you stop at the park or got to a backyard bbq or whatever.

    I am so happy for you!

  19. Wowza! Mr. E is one lucky little boy!!!! :)

  20. o I love all the boxes. And the clothes & shoes are adorable!

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