March 30, 2010

Baby Martin: Month 8 & Baby Tips

Well my friends, can you believe we're into the 8 month?! (You like how I say "we" like this is a group effort? I mean, really, it is, because y'all are the best at moral support and helping me with decision making!) Anyway, I know I sure can't believe I'm almost 34 weeks. Time has absolutely flown by and I'm just blown away when people ask me how much longer I have and I respond with "6 weeks?" like it's a question. And then I'm like, "holy crap - 6 weeks!!" and drop whatever I'm doing to rush home and try to get my house organized. But usually end up sitting on the couch eating Starburst or Sweetarts Jelly Beans instead. Easter candy, be gone already. You are not my friend when it comes to the weigh-ins. Don't kid yourself though - if mama finds an after-Easter clearance sale where I can snag a bag for 50 cents, you better believe we'll be storing up for the winter. But I digress.

Pregnancy wise? Still feeling great, sleeping well...have I mentioned I feel so blessed to have had such a great pregnancy?! Cause I do! As far as the little guy goes, he is extremely active and I felt my first hiccups night before last...too cute! Unfortunately at this point he is footling breech, which I had no clue what that meant, but apparently it's like he's doing a squat in my womb. So as of now, we're looking at a c-section, unless he turns pretty soon. We'll do an ultrasound at 36 weeks to see how his position is and plan from there. I honestly don't care just as long as we get him here safe & healthy...I have so much to be thankful for!! Here is my 8 month collage...please excuse my flat hair in my 8 month picture...I was out of hairspray - oh the horror!
I also thought I'd share something that gave me a little laugh. Patrick brought this home from work the other day and some of them totally cracked me up! I scanned it in so it's a little hard to see, but hopefully when you click on the image itself it will be large enough that you can read them. I will I'm about to be a first-time mom, I found this incredibly beneficial. :)
So which tip is your favorite? :)


  1. You look gorgeous!!

    I think the drying baby is pretty funny!! That, the introducing to pets or the diaper check is my favorite- it's hard to pick! Thanks for the laugh :)

  2. You are such a beautiful pregnant woman! And I would never have guessed you were out of hairspray in that last photo. Can't believe he is almost here!

  3. Crack me up! You look great, mama!

  4. Funny post. I was cracking up at the tips - my favorite is the homeless man for a babysitter.

    I'm loving the monthly update pictures btw. You look adorable!

  5. You look so cute...hairspray or not!

    My boys were head-first-trying-to-escape for most of my pregnancy. That wasn't good, either. :o)

    Happy Easter!!!

  6. he has really popped out this month - you look fabulous, mama!

    and i, for one, have so enjoyed reading during your upbeat and joyful pregnancy - you have really clung to the amazing blessing of a growing life. thanks for that.

  7. Can I say how funny that chart was?! LOL

    You're almost there! So excited for you. I seriously need to get my act together and take photos of my belly like you did. That's cool!

  8. I like the calming the baby! It cracked me up.

    You are looking beautiful! It is exciting how close it is getting! I will be praying that he flips!

  9. You are beautiful! I love your collage! You should frame it for Emanuel's room!

    Hope your Easter weekend is a glorious one!


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