March 18, 2010

Diaper Bag

What would I do without you guys?! Thank you SO much for all the wonderful feedback on the car seat situation. So many excellent points and I even learned a thing or two...y'all are the best! I definitely feel better that the majority of you felt it is gender neutral, so I'm just leaving it as is. And no, I absolutely do not feel like I'm in middle school again and need validation from my friends...nope, not at all.

Y'all did so good with the car seat advice, I've decided to have you weigh in on the current hot topic...diaper bag. This one was somewhat on hold until I decided what I was doing with the car seat, because I did want that to at least semi-coordinate. Now that we have that decision behind us, (we're such a good team!) I'd like to settle on a diaper bag, and I think I've narrowed it down to a few...unless someone else has another suggestion. :) And get ready because the finalists are all very different.

I have heard laminated/oilcloth diaper bags are the way to go because they are so easy to wipe spills off, etc. So far, this is the one I like the best in that finish. And FYI, the bows can be removed.

Diaper Bag A - Blue Paisley Oilcloth
This is the next option, which I love how stylish it is...but it's not laminate finish...but if that doesn't really matter...then maybe I should go for it?

Diaper Bag B - Pewter Dot
And finally, I am just in love with houndstooth right now. So this caught my eye. It's probably the least durable finish (but also by far the cheapest!) as far as cleaning since it's canvas. I would most likely monogram this, too.

Diaper Bag C - Black Houndstooth
So please sound off below with your thoughts! If you'd rather not comment, I've included a poll for your convenience. :) Thanks again for your help!


  1. if you get a brown and blue carseat cover (which i love, btw), definitely get the blue paisley bag.

    however, the houndstooth looks very much like your style.

    i haven't had to wipe much off of my diaper bag(s) - who says you have to have just one?!

  2. I like the pewter dot. I don't know why... The houndstooth with a monogram seems more girly to me (opinion!), and while I like the first one, I just really like the 2nd. Plus it's more stylish which we know is super important!!

  3. Seeing as I have no idea when I will get to make these decisions for myself, I am having a great time weighing in for you! I voted for the blue . . love it!

  4. Let me tell you why I love the pewter dot - the outside pockets and compartments!!!!! I LOVED having these on my bag b/c they were so easy to put items that you need in a hurry (pacifier) and b/c you'll always know where those important items are and can get to them quickly. I agree that the laminate is nice b/c of wipes and spills, but the ease and accessiblity trumped that for me! :) Good luck!

  5. i have th epewter dot brand one but in black and its awesome perfect everything i absolutely love it! kellie just ordered it too i think so you sohuld check out hers! they also carry them at pump station if you have one in your area and its awesome !!!!

  6. I'm a visual person who loves color so I definately prefer A and C over B. The houndstooth is just a beautiful classic and I envision it monogrammed with a bright color. Choices are fun so enjoy! You really can't go wrong! :)

  7. pewter dot! I think it matches your travel system the best and to me that is uber important ;) they're all so cute, have fun picking!!

  8. Houndstooth-- LOVE it!!

    You will think you want everything to match in the beginning, but you will soon learn that it doesn't matter as much as being able to get somewhere on time with everything you need! lol! So, go with the one that YOU like the best, the one that is the most functional!

  9. You should check out bags by Kalencom...they are AWESOME!!! With my first I changed diaper bags all the time cause of storage issues or getting dirty. With my second I splurged on a Kalencom bag and used it for a year before I downsized to a smaller bag. They are pricey, but so worth it and come in a ton of fun prints and styles.

  10. I really like the blue paisley bag, but I am not a bow girl so I would take the bows off! And as far as wiping it off, I have several Vera bags (they are all cloth) and have never had any trouble with them (I can wash them if needed, but haven't gotten anything on them yet...)

  11. Well...

    #1 is nice because it can be wiped off easily and it's cute--love paisley, but the bows would have to go. I'm just not a bow person.

    #2 Love the compartments---so handy!! And it's very stylish.

    #3 Very cute also....but I can't tell if it's got a zip top or just a tie top? If it's a zip top then this is my first choice. If it's a tie top then #2 would be my first choice---can I tell you how many times I dropped or had the diaper bag fall off of something or my shoulder and a gazillion things fall out?? A LOT. Zippers are great---and in my case very needed!

    Oh, and by the way---I have two non-laminate bags and haven't had a problem cleaning them up if I get anything on them. So I don't think I would let that worry ya'.

  12. Ok, I don't know from experience, but visually I like all 3. I have always been a fan of houndstooth and paisley; however I really like the pewter dot, but then again I always lean towards grays and silvers. But I think I would have to say, for you, I would pick the paisley, b/c to me it looks the most like you.

  13. I love Richelle's comment! One can never have too many handbags : )!

  14. I don't have experience with diaper bags yet, though I have bought 2 already;) I do have an oilcloth one and can see the benefits. Since I could only vote for one (very difficult), I voted for the pewter dot. Looks like a stylish handbag more than a diaper bag...thumbs up!

  15. Houndstooth all the way!

    1. It's the cutest
    2. YOU are carrying it...not the it SHOULD be somewhat feminine but not hot pink or anything. :)
    3. I have NO idea what the durability should be but I'm just going to assume that you'd get a new bag with each baby so don't think this has to be a "forever" bag. Again, I have no idea what I'm talking about. :)

    Can't wait to see what you choose...


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