April 29, 2010

Baby Pool

I was talking to my friend Ashley today and she scolded me for not having my hospital bag packed nor the car seat installed in my car...I'm a procrastinator, what can I say?! She then suggested I need to at least get a baby pool going now that we're so close! So Ashley, this is for you. (I miss you bunches, by the way!)

So without further ado, I present to you our baby pool so you can guess all the details of Emanuel's big entrance into the world. If you're so inclined to humor us through your participation, you can click on the button below to enter your guess. :)


  1. I went early and small'ish b/c I love you!! :o)

  2. I guessed 7-7 because that's what Nate was, and that is a good size! I can't believe all the people who are guessing 8lbs! I wonder what he'll be!

  3. ha! I totally thought she meant like a blow up baby pool! I was thinking, why does she need one of those?!? I am blond! :)

  4. Um, I thought you meant a baby pool, as in the kind you put in your back yard, which led me to water birth, and then you asking people about guessing the details of his entrance...and there you had me alarmed.
    Then, I realized I'm an idiot.

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I absolutely can not believe how quickly your pregnancy has flown by!! Well at least for me ;)

    Holy cow...how exciting that the baby is coming so soon!!

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments! You are so close to meeting your little guy!!

    Our playmat is from Buy Buy Baby. If they have those near you they are great. They take current Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. Its the infantino twist and fold activity gym.

  7. I loved this idea! Also I wanted to tell you that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what you did to his nursery! It is beautiful. :-) The colors, the organization and just the homey feel to it.

  8. Just checking in. Saw you are 38 weeks today! I went into labor at 38 weeks with both my boys. Hope you are still feeling good and resting up!


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