April 14, 2010

Movement & Message Tee Fail

Well I can't believe it, but the little guy has turned! I had my weekly appointment yesterday and my doctor checked my cervix (which was still closed) and when he did he said, "That feels like his head down here...but I'd need to do an ultrasound to say for sure." He didn't have time to do one, so said we'd look next week. Well Patrick really wanted to know, so he had me come up to his clinic today and he just did one...and sure enough, the little monkey is head down now! That is just crazy given the fact that he was very much footling breech just a week ago. I've felt him move a lot this week, and seen lots of protruding parts as he moved around, but didn't realize he was traveling south. I am very thankful he turned but also a littttle skeeered as I haven't been preparing myself for a vag.inal birth so much because I didn't want to be disappointed if I had to have a c-section. Needless to say, if I'm a little quiet for the next few days don't worry - I'm simply hyperventilating studying up on the beauty of child birth. Seriously though, I am very thankful to have this opportunity!

In other news, I decided to wear a message tee today. I saw it awhile back at Old Navy and though it was a cute, inspiring message around my baby bump.

While wearing it in the store, I noticed a lady kept staring at my belly, which is somewhat normal so I didn't think much of it. Until she wouldn't stop, so I finally looked down and realized that with the way I was carrying my purse, her view was more like this:

Kind of loses that nice message of hope I was previously trying to share, and instead gives a whole new meaning to my baby bump. Perhaps this is why I don't often wear message tees. :)



    And I am SOOOOO GLAD that E has turned! Wahoo little baby, you are really gonna give momma a run for her money now! I can't wait to see your precious little face, by the way, where are the cleaned up ultrasound pics momma!?!? I want to see little Manuel!!!!

    And I guess that means that...you are going full term up to 41 weeks now! I hope you didn't prepare too much for 39 weeks, lol! Keep hanging in there momma, he will be here SO SOON!!! I wish I could kiss his little cheeks like you kissed Nate's...I miss you so freakin' much it hurts!!!!

    CALL ME!!

  2. oh my heavens, that is so so funny!!

  3. Yay!!! Way to go E! I'll be praying for your nerves/anxiety to subside as you await his arrival soon!

    Oh, and the shirt thing made me laugh out loud at work. Hahaha!!!

  4. Ha ha! I just totally laughed out loud..LoL! Everyone in my office is looking at me! ;-)

  5. That is absolutely hilarious! So glad that Emanuel has turned. Carry on with the hyperventilating, studying etc. So happy for you!!!

  6. Oh my gosh- that is SO funny!!

  7. oh that's a good laugh!!!!

    praying for you as you might be on a new path for e to come out into this world!

  8. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! That is hilarious! So happy that E has turned and that you get to experience labor and hopefully a vag birth. :)

  9. that is too funny about the shirt!

    Congrats on the little guy moving in the right position now.

  10. Still makes me giggle! :) I'm so happy E has moved! Try not to worry about the birth - it's definitely overwhelming but you'll be so excited to meet him that you'll be focused on that. And remember - epidurals are your friend! :)

  11. OH Goodness...I have tears coming down my cheeks from laughing so hard! How funny!!

    Glad to hear that the little man has turned around, but sorry that it has possibly changed your plans...these little ones have minds of their own. :)

  12. Bahahahahahahahahha! That IS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

  13. OK, I just laughted out loud and my hubs just gave me "the look"! Funny!!


  14. my family thinks i'm going crazy sitting hear laughing out loud! toooooo fuuunnnyyy!!!!!!

  15. LOL even funnier because you have a little baby in there LOL

  16. So happy for you...while laughing out loud!

  17. That's hysterical! Thanks for the laugh.

  18. That is absolutely hyterical!!!! I was thinking how cute that shirt was & couldn't imagine why someone wouldn't think the same thing...then literally laughed out @ the next picture!

    Also, wonderful news about E! Will be praying for you as you prepare for his arrival!

  19. Too funny about the shirt, but I do love the ORIGINAL message there! :D

  20. That is too darn funny! I always loved message maternity tees, this cracks me up! :)


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