April 21, 2010

My BFF in Elle!

Have you seen the May issue of Elle with Fergie on the cover?

Well if you happen to see it or have it, turn to page 98 and check out my BFF! Remember Candice, who I've been besties with since 3rd grade, that threw my fab baby shower? Well her and her daughter were asked to be part of a spread for the A to Zee segment by Joe Zee. (Remember him from The City?)

She looks absolutely amazing in this shoot, and little Jasper sure has grown since this photo taken at the Sip & See I threw for them...isn't she cuteness?!
I scanned these pages in so I know it's a little hard to see, but if you click on the image it should make it a little easier to read. Or you can always pick up the May issue of Elle on a stand near you! Candi-pants, will you autograph my copy? xoxo :)


  1. That is so neat!! Yay for your friend, that's awesome!

  2. How neat!! That is so fun. She is adorable!

  3. how'd she get to do that??!!

  4. How'd she get to do that? So cool!

    I am looking for a post that I think you did about your wedding with some things that you made your self for it? I have been all over your blog and cannot find it, so if it was in fact you who did, could you please hop over to my blog and leave a link? My sis in law is getting married soon and I wanted to show her some fun things.


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