April 28, 2010

Night Stands & Diaper Champ

First of all, thank you guys SO much for all the sweet comments on the nursery! I am working on a more detailed post and will get that up this week.

Just a few quick things today because I'm working on getting our room ready for E. Since his room is upstairs, we'll make a 'temporary' space for him in our room so we're not having to run upstairs in the middle of the night. And by we, I mean me. :) It will basically consist of his pack & play and the glider, but we need to do some rearranging to make that possible.

One of those changes is that Patrick and I will be switching sides of the bed so I can be on the side of the pack & play. With this comes the task of switching out our night stands. Rather than actually move the night stands, I'm moving the contents. Can you guess who each one belongs to right now? :)

I basically have filled all his drawers trying to keep it clean but finally gave up a few months ago. But I'm purging today! :) Wish me luck.

Next up, this:

We registered for the Diaper Champ because I thought a couple of my friends had recommended it. Turns out that none of the people I thought had it do, so maybe one of you guys told me you liked it? Not sure, but any feedback in this department would be great...thanks! :)

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  1. By the way---I want to move into E's nursery because it is so stinkin' cute!!

    The Diaper Champ---ahh, my love and hate relationship with it continues. It can get stinky, but I change mine every few days and it keeps it from getting too bad. I also spray it with Lysol and have an air freshener thing in the bottom. That's the biggest downside---it can get VERY funky. The upside-- you don't have to buy all those bag refills like for the Genie...you can reuse plastic bags or regular old trash bags (I typically get the scented or odor blocking ones from the dollar store). So, that's the biggest up and downside to the Champ in my opinion. Don't know that it helps at all...

  2. I just looked up on the right hand side of your blog and it said 18 day to go. And I just sat there and looked at it. And then it hit me! I am so happy for you guys! Enjoy the next 18 days!!!

  3. I don't know about the champ, but the genie is super lame cause you have to smash the diapers into it which isn't cool if it's a super smushy poopy diaper! I have the Diaper Dekor and I love it cause you just drop in the diaper and it never smells at all, and trust me that thing has been filled to the brim with the stinkiest of diapers. Downside, you have to buy the refills and they are at BRU, but I order them online. The good thing is they I'm only on the second refill and Nate is 2 1/2 mo. So they last a while. Anyways, the champ sounds cool cause you can use whatever bag, that seems easiest.

  4. The Diaper Champ is the only way to go. I had two babies back to back and the changing out cartridges and running out before you can get to a store that sells the cartridges for the other diaper services is a huge waste! The cartridges get tangled up and tear and you'll end up crying in the middle of the night. The diaper champ you just stick a regular trash bag in their, flip the top, pull the trash bag out when it's full. You'll be happy with it.

  5. I love my Champ! It can get stinky, but that's just started and my boy is 10 months. It handles little baby poop quite nicely! :)

  6. I don't like the champ i like the arm and hammer one cuz it sprinkles baking soda everytime to keep the smell at bay...eventually tho they all smell just change out the stinky's often!

  7. Hey girl!! We love our diaper champ. It worked great til about 12 months, then started to smell. It may be just that his poops changed odors, or that the champ quit working :). Either way, it was a great year. So excited for you!!! :)

  8. I love my diaper champ, I'm on my 3rd on (the first 2 with my daughter, and now I have one for my son). Like the previous commenter said, each one lasted about a year before the smell began to leak through. But I think it's still worth it!

  9. No insight on the Diaper Champ from me.

  10. We actually have the new diaper genie elite and love it. It has a foot pedal so you don't have to touch it after changing a poopy diaper. It is wonderful, we love it.


  11. I had a Diaper Genie with Sam and it was okay, but with Luke we just bought the scented Sassy brand disposable bags. (You can get them at Walmart.) and I love them. (They smell like baby powder!)

    I always took them on trips, so now I just buy them more often!

  12. i think all kinds get smelly. i know i'm ready to stop throwing poops in ours. oh, the smell gets weird.

  13. I loved the Diaper Champ - mostly because I didn't have to buy the disposable bags. I just sprayed Lysol in it every time I changed the garbage bag and it stayed nice and fresh. I did clean it out every couple weeks too!

  14. I love my Diaper Champ.. but it doesn't hold the amount of diapers it says it will. However, I love that I can use regular trash bags and as long as you change it every couple of days, it won't smell.


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