April 13, 2010

Recipe Organization Help

As you all know, I am all about organization. That being the case, it shouldn't surprise you that my recipe drawer looks like this:
Wait - there's something terribly wrong with this picture. In fact, I think I've just pinpointed the reason I don't cook - I can't locate any of my recipes. Yep, surely that must be it. Well my friends, I feel it's time to remedy this little problem. You see, organizing my recipes is something I've wanted to do for quite some time. I've even taken (baby) steps toward doing so in the past.

Exhibit A: the purchase of (several) packs of these adorable recipe cards. The plan? To transcribe all of my recipes onto these pretty little things so it'd be nice and uniform. The problem? I have the penmanship of a 1st grader and could only get half of the ingredients listed before running out of room. Fail.
Exhibit B: I saw this cute little recipe box and knew it was the answer to my problem. My plan this time around was to type up all my recipes in a format that I could cut them out and they would fit in the box. Guess who still hasn't done that 2 years after purchasing said box? Fail.
So here's where we stand...I am leaning towards buying a 3 ring binder and making dividers of the different categories (Desserts, Desserts, etc. - cause that's all I really cook) and also getting some sheet protectors so that I could just slide the smaller recipe cards I have and/or receive into it and they'd still fit in the binder. Thoughts? Ideas? How do you organize your recipes?


  1. I have mine on recipe cards but my penmanship is pretty decent, I guess. My mom typed all of her recipes up and stuck them in a 3-ring binder w/ sheet protectors. She just pulls one out when she needs it and wipes it off when she's finished! I think that would work fine! If you save them on your computer you'd always have a spare copy and could email easily!

  2. I put mine in a binder with sheet protectors. I actually did a bunch of different binders though. I really love to cook and have a million recipes so I did a dessert binder and a low fat binder, etc.

    I started typing them up but that takes SO MUCH time! So, I prefer to put it in just the way I get it.

    Good luck!

  3. i have the same problem. i have a bunch of recipes and they are not organized at all. the sad part i have somewhere to organize them, i just haven't goten around doing that. i bought a binder at the halmark store and it has different tabbed sections and clear plastic sleeves for the recipes. i really should start using it ;)

  4. I have a 3 ring binder that is starting to fall apart. I wish I was patient enough to do sheet protectors but I don't. They get messy but I do have most copies on my computer to print out at any given moment.

    I also use Evernote (http://www.evernote.com/) to help me organize many aspects of my life but I have a recipe notebook in there. I can copy everything from a blog to a website to whatever. It archives them and you can do searches for words that are within the document. Has changed my world. The program is for PC & Macs + they have apps for the blackberry and the iphone. I have access to my recipes when I'm at the grocery store (from my iphone) or when I'm traveling and want to cook.

  5. Check this out...she did a pretty good job organizing all hers! :o)


  6. I do the three-ring- binder thing because of how many recipes I print off the internet. Maybe it's not that cute, but it works... and keeping them in sheet protectors keeps them from getting icky when you cook.

  7. I have a cute little recipe box that I use although I will admit (and I'm OCD when it comes to organization too!)that sometimes I will pull a recipe out of a magazine or something and simply fold it and place it behind the proper tab in my recipe box. Gasp! I know! I try not to lose too much sleep over it. Sadly, I still don't cook as often as I should! Rarely, actually. I strive to be Bree on Desperate Housewives. I have quite a ways to go :). Good luck with your recipes! Cute recipe box by the way!

  8. I have a 3 ring binder that I put all mine in and I am a sheet protector addict - so they all have to be in one! Love it because it keeps them clean and dry! I do need to organize them into sections though...good luck with your project!

  9. I use a three ring binder - sheet protectors and computer printer recipes can go straight in there. If I haven't tried the recipe - it goes in the front. Once tried and liked - it goes into a section.

    I have a vintage recipe card holder I would love to use for favorites - but alas I have not wrote any down - yet... maybe when Eva is in college :)

  10. I received this as a gift:


    Though pricey, it is wonderful! Everything is already divided up, has full and half page sheet protectors, etc!

  11. Oh, I am so glad you are asking this...I was thinking of do this once again since I am home all the time... I too have thought about organizing my recipies about a gazillion times and have purchased the same things you have and never done anything with them...I will have to look into some of these ideas! I love to cook, but have to get my recipies organized, I hate looking forever for something I cooked or baked before!!!

  12. I say go with the 3-ring binder. That's what I use and I love them. I have one that's solely for desserts and one that's for everything else. I divided all of my recipes into different categories and use clear sheet protectors to hold all of the recipes. I use these 2 binders more than any cookbook I have. I'm going to have to buy new ones soon. I've got these filled up! They're not the prettiest things but they do the job well!

  13. Mine are a mess. No organization whatsoever.

  14. That is exactly what I do - the binder method that is. I love it because you can cut and paste any blog recipe or food network recipe or Pioneer Woman recipe and slide it right on in! :)

  15. That recipe box is adorable! What, is that suede? I love it!

    A three ring binder and a bunch of sheet protectors would probably work best for you. Then you could just stick the recipe that you like in the sheet protector. Then you could buy a set of tabs to organize your recipes into different categories.

  16. I bought a really pretty journal from Barnes and Noble and when I try a recipe I write it in the journal. This works for me because sometimes I use a recipe from a website and don't want to waste paper printing them off:)

    I do the 3-ring binder too, like most above but I haven't tried any of the recipes in it! I have cut way back on how many recipes I actually tear out of magazines.

  17. I have a nice leather monogrammed binder from Williams Sonoma that my mom gave me a couple of years ago. I love it! It is such a good way to organize recipes without having to transfer them to cards. You can also get photo pages for odd shaped, smaller pieces of paper! I love my recipe notebook!

  18. If you are a member of snapfish or shutterfly, you can easily create a recipe book that's quick and easy. The drawback is that it DOES require you to type out all of your recipes, but it will make it easier for your son and any other kids you may have to read the recipes straight from the good.

    Also, you can take photos of some of the recipes you have done, or maybe some of you in the kitchen and include them in the book. That way your family will always have it for future generations. :)


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