April 23, 2010

Show Us Your Life: How You Met Your Husband

Today at Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life, the theme is How You Met Your Husband...so here we go!
Patrick's dad is actually from northeastern Oklahoma, which is where I grew up. Though Patrick never lived there, they still had family in the area and would come in to visit when they were kids. So technically, we "knew" each other as kids because our families went to church together, but since he was 1.) a boy, and 2.) almost 5 years older than me, we weren't so much hanging out when we were 5 and 10 years old. :)
Fast forward to May 2005. Patrick was living in Chicago at the time and just finishing medical school, and I was living in Tulsa working a job in airline marketing where I traveled quite a bit. Well Patrick had been in to visit his Aunt Treva, who went to church with my parents, and shortly after that, his aunt and my mom decided we'd be a perfect match and started scheming to set us up. :) Since I traveled often with my job, I wasn't in when he was, so we ended up not being able to meet right away...but then finally we did on June 5th, 2005. And as they say, it was love at first sight. :)
When we started dating, he was in the process of moving to Waco to start residency. I still lived in Tulsa, and about 2 weeks after we had been dating, I was offered an excellent marketing job with North.west Airlines in Minneapolis. I was torn because it was a great opportunity career-wise, but at this point I already knew Patrick was the guy I would marry...I just didn't know if he knew it yet. :) So do I take the job that would move me even further north from him, or stay put and see what happened with us? It was a hard decision, but our connection was so instant that I knew I wouldn't regret turning down the job to give us a chance.
And I am sooo very glad I did. Because only 3 months later, we were engaged. And just 6 months after that, we took our trip down the aisle. And now here we are happily married 4 years and counting. It was fast, and though it's cliche' to say, you just know when you know...and we knew. :) Thanks mom & Aunt Treva for contributing to our happily ever after! :)


  1. That picture is so sweet!! Matt proposed to me on June 5th! Love stories about love at first sight, so sweet!! Y'all are so cute together!

  2. so sweet! And June 5 was/is a special day!! My fiance and I will be walking down the aisle on June 5 of this year :)

  3. Gotta love family members hooking you up!! lol I just loved your story! So sweet!

  4. That's so sweet!

    Thanks for the link! It was the one I was looking for. I could remember something vaguely about letters, but couldn't remember what! I am forwarding it to my Sis In Law and might try to copy your flower "m", the chocolate "m" and the rhinestone "m"! Oh, and I love the coloring book idea!

    Did you also make your sticker tags?

  5. such a sweet story. i love the picture!

  6. Cute story! I lived in Tulsa the same time you did!

  7. I'm so glad to hear your story because although we were "knotties" together I never actually knew the story of how the two of you met :)
    What a cute story. Moms do know best!! ha!

  8. Neil and I have a very similar story and now we've been happily married 7 years! Sometimes you just know.

  9. Oh barf!!! LOL! You know I love you and your sweet little love story...and now here comes the baby in the baby carriage!!!!!

  10. What a sweet love story! It's true - when you know, you know! I loved the pictures from your wedding. That group picture is such a neat idea. You were an absolutely gorgeous bride!

  11. Love it! I also was engaged after 3 months and married 5 months later. We caught so much flack from so many about how fast we moved, but here we are 5 years later and I'm more crazy about him now than I was then!! You guys are precious!


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