April 20, 2010

What Not to Wear, Laundry Detergent, & Thank You Notes

Well I'm officially 36 weeks and feeling very pregnant! Today none of my maternity clothes were fitting right, so I did what any logical 9 month pregnant person would do - chose something to wear from the non-maternity side of my closet. Good thinking, Sarah. I was in a wee bit of a rush as I was running late, but decided to snap a quick picture to make sure my outfit was presentable.
Hmmm...that doesn't look too bad, right? It's a little snug in the chest area, but what isn't these days? Then when I was walking out the door I caught another glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized - whoa...I'm not so sure I should be wearing this. In the words of my 3 year-old niece, it's a little "too fit". (That's what she says when something is too tight - love it!) Is it just me or does it look like I've weaseled my way into a pillow case?! Please don't answer that.
Needless to say, I was way too late at this point to change, so off I went to my lunch meeting and then to my doctor's appointment. While I was waiting to see the doctor, I looked down and noticed my white dress was not so white anymore...apparently my belly had brushed up against something - most likely a table while I was getting my grub on. This picture doesn't do it justice, but I definitely look a little like Pig-Pen.
So lesson learned today - you're 9 months pregnant, Sarah. Don't try to wear something that allows for no breathing room and threatens to bust at the seams with every move you make, no matter how desperate and irritated you might feel with your maternity clothes.

Next topic - does anyone use the kind of laundry detergent with a spicket dispenser thingy? (yes, that's the technical name for it.) I thought I'd try it as it looks like it'd be handy and store easier in my cabinet. However, it has major leakage. See photo below:
Can you see all the blue floating around at the bottom? I guess it just trickles out when not in use. Are you not supposed to store it on its side? I assumed so as that seemed like one of the big conveniences of it it? But every time I go to use it, there's always some built up in there. And it ultimately leaks onto my cabinet like this. (I'd actually already wiped up most of it when I realized - oh! photo op! but you can kind of see some still. )
So my question is, do I have a bad bottle of the stuff? Or am I storing it wrong? Or is this stuff just a pain and never works right?

One other laundry detergent question - what brand of detergent do you guys use to wash baby clothes? I know a lot of people use Dreft, but holy cow it's expensive!! Is it really necessary or can I just get something that's hypo-allergenic, etc.? I know it varies from kid to kid, but I'd like to hear y'alls thoughts on the matter as well.

Final thing - how many thank you notes is too many thank you notes? Let me explain. A lady Patrick works with keeps buying E stuff. She is expecting a grandchild around the same time he is due, so she said she often just gets for E whatever she's getting for her grandbaby. Mostly just little things here and there, but it's still very thoughtful. I'm a huge fan of the thank-you note, and want her to know that we really do appreciate her kindness. But I've now written her like 4 or 5 thank you's, and I'm wondering when to stop? Thoughts?


  1. I used that detergent for about a month...yep. It leaks. Now I buy what's on sale and smells good. :o)

    You still look great, but I know you have to feel miserable. Not much longer!! (LOVE that Coach purse.)

  2. I use a "free and clear" soap - we used All. Now so I don't have to shlep the container to and from our shared laundry - I use the Purex all in one sheets in the "free and clear" style. They are great! Toss it in the wash and into the dryer and tada - no measuring or spilling!

    You look super cute - regardless if things are "too fit". Pregnancy is the one time in life you can sport tight clothes and have your lunch on your tummy and still look adorable. I swear - that belly is a magnet for dirt!

  3. BTW - the Purex sheets are even better now - with a baby in one arm - you don't have to hold the little measuring cup - just grab and go.

  4. Hello! I have been reading you for a few months now, just stopped by and realized that I had the same dilemma using that type of detergent bottle. So what i realized is that every time you use it you should let if drip after you let go of the spout thing, and then use the cup and scrape off whats left so that doesn't drip. Then I have a front loading washer so I dump the detergent then I leave the cup in the detergent dispenser upside down so that way the cup gets rinsed out every time. I dont know if this makes sense or not lol, but it worked for me, no more drips and mess!

  5. That detergent sucks. I don't know why the cap would snap on sideways like that, you have to rinse out the cup everytime or it leaks, or else it builds up in the cup and gets all clumpy. Worst invention ever.

    I was using All free and clear for the baby stuff but I switched to some Eco stuff I found at Sam's club, mainly because it was lavender smell and it's my fave. Just stick to something that's free and clear, that's what I've been told. But Nate doesn't seem bothered by anything he's worn.

    I would quit the thank you notes just cause that's a lot and I'm sure she understands and doesn't expect anymore. lol

  6. I've heard anything without scent and color is safe to use. Also, any good pregnancy books to recommend since you're so close now I figured you would know. =)

  7. You always look great... you running late? Never... HA!

    Girl you have to get these - http://www.purex.com/purex-3-in-1/ I have also used the spicket thingy and it does leak...I use the all in one sheets from washer to dryer now and LOVE them!

    Discontinue the thank you notes unless she buys you something big! She knows you are thankful!!

  8. You are so cute no matter what you wear! I had that same problem with the detergent, so I just store it with the lid pointing towards the ceiling and bring it down to pour in the cap, then put it back up. It's not really a pain once you get in the habit because I don't even realize I do it now. Oh and I've never purchased Dreft, I don't even know what it smells like because it is outrageously expensive. We just use "free and clear" Purex and "free and clear" Downy fabric softener on Kaden's stuff and it's worked out just fine!

  9. When I was pregnant, one day, nothing was fitting right, so I grabbed a non-maternity dress only to realize it didn't fit either. I was trying to take it back off, and it was literally stuck. I was home alone, running late, and ultimately had to resort to scissors to free myself! It was a cute dress, too :(.

    I use a similar detergent, and store it upright where the spicket is on top. Not as useful, but I'd have to remove the detergent from my shelf for pouring no matter how it's stored, so this way, at least it isn't leaking.

    Finally, I had to use dreft until my son was older than 18 months. I thought I would switch at 1 but his skin reacted, so I had to switch back. Target has a knock-off version that I used a few times and it worked well. You can also get "Free and Clear" and shouldn't have an issue, but I don't know how much it costs either.

  10. I use a similar detergent...ERA and I DON'T have that problem...so give it a try. Since I don't have kids...I do not know which is best to use.

    Love the dress on you...too cute.

    Can't believe how quick your pregnancy seems...I know to you it seems like forever.

    Still praying for you!

    Lisa :)

  11. When I use that laundry detergent (only when it is on sale) I throw the lid in with the laundry (take it out before the dryer) and I haven't had any problems. It get's it all cleaned out. But, the spicket thing of mine wasn't leaking it was just the extra that didn't come out of the lid...

  12. we use the target brand up and up version of dreft its way cheaper and smells wonderful and heck its from target so its awesome :)

  13. We used Dreft on Reese's clothes only in the beginning, but then it occurred to us that she was constantly snuggling up to our clothes that were washed normally and wasn't having any kind of reaction. After we got the sense that she wasn't sensitive to it, we just started washing her clothes with ours. It saved time from having to always do hers separate.

    Thank you notes: You are almost there. If she buys you anything else, just hold off on sending a thank you note until after E is born. That way you can thank her for all the things she buys you in between now and then.

    You look beautiful!

  14. I've never had one of those detergent things NOT leak, no matter the brand. I just fold up some paper towel and stick it where it drips...

    And I use Tide on my 10 week olds clothes. Never had an issue.

    Good Luck!

  15. You look so so cute!!! I ended up wearing hubby's shirts & it was bad news when those didn't fit either!

    I agree that I haven't found one of those bottles that doesn't leak! I use Purex Free & Clear (liquid) but the sheets are awesome!!!! Anna Kate has excema & it doesn't seem to irritate her skin so I say skip the Dreft!

  16. You look so cute! I remember just feeling so "blah" towards the end...nothing fit, etc. so my hubs told me to burn (give away, etc.) some of the maternity that didn't fit and go buy a few new comfy outfits. Best thing I ever did...and I FELT so much better!

    We used Dreft, just because I liked how yummy it smelled. :)

  17. Im glad to know that Im not the only one that seems to feel like all my maternity clothes I am outgrowing but you do look adorable!

    We are planning on just using All free & clear we have been told by one too many people that dreft is not necessary.

    For the thank you notes-I would say either write one every few weeks or maybe every few times she gets something or I would say you are in the clear for not writing any more thank you notes also.

  18. I agree...laundry detergent like that stinks! It always leaks! We quit buying it and went back to the good ol pouring kind just because I was sick of wiping it up. P.S. I think your baby bump is too cute!

  19. We use the same laundry detergent but I don't have the drip problem. However, I do wipe the spout before putting the lid back on.

    I NEVER used special laundry detergent for any of my kids, and I have three boys!

    I thought you looked DARLING in your dress!!! So excited for you!!

  20. Many things...

    * Dispenser detergent leaks. Do not use. I use liquid Tide, I am perfectly happy with it.
    * I used Dreft with my first child, because I was told that's what I was supposed to do. I used my regular detergent with my second child. Both children have survived, but Keaton has cleaner clothes (Dreft is not good for removing stains. At all.).
    * Good Lord! No more thank you's! You've already given 5, you must stop! If you feel you must continue, maybe you could write a thank you after the baby comes, thanking her for all she's done?

  21. You look beautiful in that dress! HOT MAMA!

    All Free and Clear is the same as Dreft but only no scent what so ever and literally half the cost. I really like on my clothes - when I was a nanny the little boy had horrible allergies so I would wash my clothes in Free & Clear so I could snuggle him with ease lol!

    Big lots always has it (atleast here) and it is about 1$ cheaper - they make a baby detergent but the free and clear is the same thing minus the ducky lol!

    And I would do a thank -you card every few gifts LOL :)

  22. I have no idea on the detergent thing, but you are looking super cute!! I can't wait to see pictures of your baby!!! Not too much longer!

  23. You always look cute so no worries there!!

    On the Dreft issue, one large bottle of Dreft lasted me at least 6 months. Their clothes are so tiny I only did one or two loads a week so it lasted a long time. When it was gone I just started washing her stuff with our detergent with no problems. Have fun washing all those new clothes!!!


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