June 14, 2010

4 weeks!

And yet another week has flown by! It's so weird...I always imagined the days creeping by when I would be staying home with a baby. Ha! It seems like before I know it it's already 5 p.m. It's so crazy.

Speaking of time flying by, I can't believe it's been almost a month since he was born and I have yet to finish writing my birth story. Well, technically I wrote it long ago, but I haven't dropped the pictures in the post yet and finished a few parts of it. So I plan to do that this week and finally share how he made his grand entrance into the world. :)

This last week I finally finished thank-you notes and got his birth announcements in the mail. I decided to use the wrap-around label idea from Martha Stewart...and why I thought that'd be a good idea to attempt with a newborn who must likes to be held 23.5 hours of the day...well, I'm not sure that was the most genius plan. :) They're easy enough, just took a little time to cut them up and glue them on...twice. Yes, twice. The kind of glue I used the first go around didn't quite get the job done, so when I went to mail them I realized about half of the labels were falling off...aack!! Needless to say, they are in the mail now and let's just hope they all arrive safely at their destination. Lesson learned in using the appropriate glue...be patient if you don't have it on hand Sarah, because the junk you try to substitute will just cause more problems in the long run. :)

Moving right along...a few pictures from our week!

He hung out in his play gym a little more. He still doesn't love it all the time, but he'll spend some time there a couple days a week.

Yesterday we went to church, and it was much better with daddy along. I tried to make E wear a hat, but he wasn't going for it...plus it was a little too big. :)

And finally, I absolutely LOVE these pictures of him holding on to his little pacifier buddy. I think it's so cute how in the picture at the top he's got a death-grip on it. :) This thing is genius! It's great because E is getting big enough now that if his paci comes out in the car, he kind of roots around for it, and the monkey keeps it near enough that he's able to get it back in his mouth (sometimes). On the other hand, it also makes me sad that he is getting big enough to do that though. :)

My little guy was definitely worth the wait!! :)

And couldn't you just eat these cheeks?! Love 'em!! :)


  1. That monkey thing is genius. Wish I would have found one 2 years ago. It's going in the memory bank for baby #2.
    Can't believe you announcements are so ornate! Good job, mommy!

  2. The month has flown by! Enjoy every second Sarah. Not sure your interested but looking back...I wish I would have journaled (personal journal) some of the things I was feelings...thoughts...the good and even overwhelmed to be able to looks back on and see how God gave me the energy and strength to adjust to our lil miracles! Just a thought.

  3. So perfect! He is just perfect!!!! The wubbanub is so cool! Faith totally wasn't into it but I got her 2 thinking she would love it! your little guy looks so cute holding it !

  4. soak it up... smiles to you and your adorable little mann

  5. I am not sure we would have survived without the wubbanub!!! Love them!!!!

  6. Such great pictures. Love all the cute boy's clothes you have on him. :)

  7. How precious is E in that hat?!?! He really is a doll. Love it!

  8. Sarah!

    Wow...he is growing so fast and is just adorable. Great job on getting the announcements out and the thank you notes.

    Praying for you daily!

    Lisa :)

  9. hehe! I love the pics of him dressed for church - already a heart breaker, I'm sure! ;)

  10. He is just adorable! I love the address label idea but I can imagine it would be difficult with a needy newborn. Make sure you get that birth story written down because you WILL forget it. lol.

  11. He is jsut precious!!! I am so glad you are enjoying your little monkey!!

  12. LOVE a baby in a hat!! He's such a doll, Sarah.

    P.S. The labels are awesome. :o)

  13. He is sooo presh!! Glad to see y'all are getting along so well :)


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