June 28, 2010

Our week & a few questions

We had such a busy week last week! We started off Monday by going up to the hospital to tour the new OB wing - it is SO nice and I'm sad I just barely missed the opening of it. The nurses there did such a great job taking care of us that I had wanted to do a little thank-you gift, so I made each of them a bag with their initial on it. Yes, it took me 5 weeks to get them to them, but I had to make 16 bags, so it took longer than I thought! I also made some White Chocolate Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookies and White Chocolate Cranberry cookies to take to them...they were so yummy!
That night Manny and I went to watch his favorite 14-year-old cousin play softball. My niece Gabi is such a doll, and is so good with kids. I'm still trying to convince her to be my live-in nanny. :) Anyway, I thought Manny needed the world to know who he was cheering for, so I made him a onesie using my freezer-paper stenciling technique.
He did so good at the game, and will always be her #1 fan! We love you Gabbers and are so proud of you!! :)
The next day we went to my nephew's birthday party, but somehow I didn't get any pictures of that. Then we spent the night with my parents, and while we were there Manny decided to do a little workout - it's never too early to start working on that 6-pack! :)
We also went with my mom to pick up my sister Jenny from the airport. She was selected to attend the Space Academy for Educators at the NASA place in Alabama - so cool! Here is her son Hayden with Manny before we went to get her, and the next picture is the adorable astronaut monkey she brought back for him! (notice E's outfit change - compliments of a major blow-out while in Old Navy.)
The next day we came home, and daddy was so giddy to see Manny us! It was a great trip but also good to be back home.

I know this post is kind of long, but I have 2 quick questions. E still loves to be swaddled, but he is getting SO strong that he's busting out of this one that we have been using, and waking himself up more often at night.
I have it in the next size up so am wondering if that will hold him in better? They're called SwaddleMe or Kiddopatamus...something like that. Someone also recently gave us some Luna Lullaby swaddlers. They're nice because they're huge - 44 x 44, and that soft cotton muslin material.
They work great when Patrick swaddles him, but I don't do it as well and sometimes he busts out. So my question to y'all is, what worked best in your experience? Is there a brand you really liked?

Also, how long can I wait to wash poopy clothes? I mean, I always rinse them after the explosion, but I hate to do a load of laundry for just a few things. However, I don't want the poop to set in if I wait too long to wash it. Any tips/suggestions?


  1. Miracle Blanket...it's larger and the wrap around part REALLY wraps around them. Poopy clothes do well soaked in Biz and then washed later...in my experience...or soaked in Biz for just a little while before you do a load.

  2. I second the miracle blanket- we love ours and he has yet to escape- sometimes he can get his feet out, but the arms are the most important and it's nearly impossible for them to get out. The mutiple daily blowouts have been a huge surprise for me. We rinse them off and spray Oxy-Clean and then let the clothes soak for a while. I then let them dry and add to the dirty clothes for the next wash. I've only had one thing that didn't come clean. Hope this helps- you have a beautiful boy!

  3. I'm glad you asked about how long you can let poopy stuff sit! I've wondered the same thing so I'll be checking your responses! We have that same polka dotted onesie! Manny is sooooo cute!!

  4. We had the same thing with Eva busting out in the middle of the night and getting really unhappy - then we got a woombie! It was the GREATEST! She would even smile when we would zip it up and then go right to sleep. It looks a little crazy - but I decided to try it anyway and it is great - especially in the summer because the fabric is so breathable.

  5. he is SO adorable - i know you're eating up every moment! we were a miracle blanket family, too - loved them!

  6. We used swaddlemes too. Layla didn't typically break out of them because we did it REALLY tight,(like, she probably can't breathe but she'll be OK tight) and that seemed to work. Also, maybe it's mommy brain but I seriously can't recall if I threw poopy clothes right in the wash or if I waited a while...that's what having a newborn will do to ya!

  7. I have no advice on your questions, just wanted to say the pictures are adorable. :)

  8. He is so cute! I love the little hat!

    We used the miracle blanket too and it worked great. Aedan could get out of anything else. He did start getting out of the miracle blanket around 12 weeks or so, but that's about when we stopped swaddling so it didn't matter. Now we use sleep sacks and I love them!

  9. Ok, first, please post the recipe for cinnamon toast crunch cookies (when you get time)!

    Second, we never used a particular type of swaddle blanket, just a small blanket and swaddled him ourselves. This kept my son from outgrowing the swaddle blankets, and it seemed to keep him swaddled for a longer length of time (I think he was like 5 months or something when we stopped).

    Third, I tried to treat the poop stained clothes with some sort of stain treatment, and that seemed to help if I didn't wash them right away. But, I couldn't wait too long, because he always was having poop explosions, so the piles got big fast :)

  10. Unfortunately, I am unable to help with your questions but I just have to tell you that Manny is so adorable. How is it possible that something so precious becomes even cuter with each day that passes??? Also, you are so talented with all of the things that you do with t-shirts, nitelights, etc. Let me know when you are teaching a workshop! :)

  11. I do miss that swaddled deliciousness!! And, that onesie is too much. Great job! Heading over to see the technique...

  12. Try that Miracle Blanket I sent you. It will keep his arms at his sides so he can't bust them out.

    I usually will rinse the clothes and I use baby oxyclean spray and let it set in...I think you could wait a day or two as long as you've treated the stain.

    I love that baby!!!

  13. I love the TEAM GABBY onsie! Adorable! And girl, bless you for washing poopy clothes...after 3 kiddos, I just started throwing them away! Boo hoo, stinky too!

  14. you're a rock star- finding time to make bags and treats for inside!!!

    Malachi was a swaddle escape artist thru and thru- don't know if you ever read my posts asking Q similar to yours, but we for a long time only had the kind you do, and just bound it up real tight-- a little lower than his shoulders at the top. Then we got a miracle blanket when he was just starting to get too big for it, but that worked better, but still could manage his way out of that too, sometimes :) Then I started posting about our woes trying to get him to sleep unswaddled, but I'm so happy to report that passed, too. :) Don't have advice on poopy clothes, cuz surprisingly, M's never got poo on his!!!

  15. I know that some people use a container under the sink with water and Borax to soak them in until you can wash them in the next day or so. Soaking them won't hurt them if you do it longer but I just think it sounds gross to leave them hanging around in water till then.

    As for the baking and gift bags...crazy and wonderful!!

    And he's as adorable as ever!!

  16. We use those swaddlers too. We went up a size and just wrapped it really tight and now she can't break out anymore.

  17. Manny is so adorable I can hardly stand it. My daughter loved to be swaddled, but when she got strong enough to break out, none of them could keep her in and she would always have one arm sticking out.

  18. I agree with others - miracle blanket is awesome! My son turned into houdini but rarely got out of the miracle blanket until close to when we stopped swaddling and I think that was about 5 5 1/2 months...he loved to be swaddled and I swore he would never sleep unswaddled, it was a hard transistion but we did it!!! I miss those swaddled days, but now I love to see him sleep, he is ALL over his crib and loves to sleep with his hands behind his head and on his belly! Never really know how you will find him!

    Good luck!!! and I love all his pictures, his is so cute!


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