July 30, 2010

Diapers Advice & a Few More Pics

I've been meaning to ask the experts (and by experts, I mean y'all, just to clear up any confusion) where the best place to buy diapers is. We like Pampers Swaddlers, and it seems like all the coupons I come across are to receive a discount on the diapers if you buy the wipes. Well we use a different brand of wipes, so I'm not able to use the coupon. Where do you guys get your diaper coupons? Or is it better to buy them at SAM'S and not mess with trying to collect coupons?

Here are a few more pictures I wanted to share from this past week. My nephew's favorite book when he was a kid was Chicka Chicka ABC, so he bought it for Manny...aren't these pictures of him reading it to him precious?! Manny LOVED it!! :)

And here is my wonderful sister Jenny with Manny. We had so much fun and he is still sad they left!

We have a busy weekend ahead. We are having E dedicated Sunday at church, and also they are having a baby shower for us. I can't wait to have him dedicated - this is a day I've dreamed of for quite some time. :) Have a great weekend!


  1. The Target brand diapers always worked best for my girls. The were cheap, you could buy in bulk and they didn't leak. Huggies were the worst about leaking.

  2. www.diapers.com is where we buy ours usually!! Can't beat having diapers delivered to your front door!! You can use the following code to get $10 off your first order: TBRX6707. :)

    I'm a long-time lurker posting my first comment! :) Manny is a cutie!!

  3. He is so big already!!! And sorry I have no diaper suggestions to offer I'm not a mommy yet! But he sure is precious!

  4. Ok! I loved the Swaddlers too and from a Mama who shopped around, let me tell ya what we did. (we use the Target brand now during the day and the Swaddlers for night time). The value box at Toys R Us is about $3 more than the ones at Sam's. However, if you have a coupon you can get close to the price at Sam's. Plus, if you sign up on their rewards program, it tracks diapers you buy and after I think 9, you get a free box. AND if you watch it, every few weeks they have a sale where if you buy 2 or 3 boxes at a time (& you can use coupons), then you get a $10 or $15 gift card!!!! Sign up for their emails and they'll tell you when they are having that special! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

  5. Both of my boys could only be "contained" by Luvs and I got the best deal at Super Walmart.

  6. We use Costco brand diapers and have never had a problem with them. I have a friend that uses pampers and she said she gets the best price at diapers.com.

    Cute pictures!

  7. my grandma sends me sooo many coupons it is so cute. I get a letter in the mail each week with loads of coupons!!

    so i am no help! We use huggies!

  8. Have you gone to the pampers website? I signed up on there and we get coupons quite a a bit - and they are usually just for the diapers on their own. Also sometimes Target sends out coupons for Pampers. Another place that has pampers coupons often is our Sunday newspaper with the coupons. Hope this helps. :)

  9. I would try amazon. You will have to buy in bulk, so maybe try it when he first moves up a size and you know he will use all of them. Or I would try pampers website. I think that I got mine out of the Sunday Oklahoman but that was 4 years ago. Hope this helps!

  10. We also use Pampers and have found Babies R Us to be the best place to get them. Right now they are offering a $15 off coupon when you buy two value packs until tomorrow I believe but we had to get the coupon online. Then the buy 9 get the 10th diaper pack for free is a great deal. Our local BRU also gives us 20% off even though it says that it excludes diapers.

  11. Ok...don't have children yet... but...

    we have bought diapers through our local hospital (which my DH works for) for several of our friends. I think we paid around $15-$20 per HUGE box of 200-240 diapers (depending on the size).

    Check to see if your hubby can get them from the warehouse at his local hospital...it is worth the try, right?

    Hope this helps! We had a friend who had triplets (lots and lots and lots of diapers) and we bought them too for our neighbor.

    Good luck...Manny is adorable too!

    Lisa :)

  12. We have used diapers.com since our oldest was born in '07, and we love it. Between my two kids I have no problem making the $49 minimum order to get free shipping. They have good deals on clothes & Crayola stuff too!

  13. we used Pampers Swaddlers and now use Pampers Cruisers and we bought/buy them at SAM's b/c the coupon thing was too much and we are like you, we use Huggies Gentle Soft, or whatever they are called, but not the Pampers wipes :) Just my two cents :) love ya!

  14. cherish every moment of that dedication. i understand what you mean about it being a day you've waited a long time for, i stood there in front of the whole church and cried.

    p.s. i'm headed to quito, ecuador this week!

  15. I liked the swaddlers until I switched Nathan up to a size 1. Everyone recommended the Target Brand Up & Up diapers, and they seriously are THE BEST. Around $6 a pack and I never had trouble with them leaking or anything. And they are super cute! Blue and Green circles, instead of Big Bird and Elmo...lol

    If you are totally hooked on the pampers, I would think that Sam's would be the only way to go. I made the mistake of buying size 1 in bulk though, and Nate had a growth spurt and started leaking so I had to go up to size 2 pretty quick and I had to throw away a bunch of size one. And now, I did it again, I bought bulk of size 2 a few weeks ago and he's now in size 3...but this time I refuse to waste them so I just change him more often during the day and put a 3 on him at night. LOL So, I'd try to stick with smaller size packs so you can avoid that. At least with Up and Ups, it didn't hurt too much to throw them away since they are so cheap anyways.

    SO EXCITED for his dedication...that was such a special time for us... make sure you video tape it! I want to see!

    I miss you so much, will call you this week so we can catch up!

    LOVE YOU!!

  16. For Allie we used Huggies and we got them at Costco or Wal Mart.

    Keaton is a Pampers boy, and they don't sell them at Costco (at least not around here). So, we buy them at Wal-Mart, or we get the Kirkland brand from Costco.

  17. He is too stinkin' cute!! Looks like the two of them had a fun time together. Congratulations on his dedication, I'm sure it will be wonderful!

  18. Check out She posted some info regarding pampers and some problems they are causing.

    I personally used Huggies Supreme and I LOVED them. Plus I signed up for their rewards and got coupons ALL the time.

  19. Check out She posted some info regarding pampers and some problems they are causing.

    I personally used Huggies Supreme and I LOVED them. Plus I signed up for their rewards and got coupons ALL the time.

  20. We love costco diapers. They are cheap and come in a huge pack (like 250 diapers), so they last a long time.
    Your son is so cute! I love his name :) I have a Graesen Emmanuel.

  21. I am a fan of Pampers---they never had a leak problem for us and Cooper soaks his diapers! I have always kept an eye out for the "buy 2 and get a Toys R Us/Babies R Us gift card deals" and used my coupons too! Definitely sign up on the Pampers website...I get coupons all the time that aren't the diapers/wipes coupon combo...typically $2-3 off which is a great deal when you use one coupon per box and get the gift card to use the next time. Also, I've ordered off of diapers.com---especially for the overnight diapers we use. Just look for the $10 off offers and use those.

    Good luck on Manny's dedication this weekend. What a special time. He is adorable!


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