July 13, 2010

Mommy Moments: Vol. 1

There's no denying that this little cutie keeps me on my toes. That being said, with each passing day I feel like I'm getting the swing of this whole "mommy mode"...and I think a big part of that is realizing that every day is a new day. I love that he's getting to the point that I can usually tell what he wants/needs...still yet, we have our surprises and special moments in the mix. :) They aren't kidding when they say being a parent will keep you humble!

Moment #1: About 2 weeks ago we had one of the worst nights ever. He has always been a pretty good baby and sleeps through the night occasionally, and if not, usually only wakes up once. Wellll that night all that went out the window. He was up basically every hour, and from 3 am on wouldn't go back to sleep. It was exhausting and frustrating because I literally had tried everything I knew to do and couldn't make him happy. Well about 5 am I cried uncle and woke Patrick up to take over. So he takes E and sits in the glider while I crawl back into bed. I hear him over there talking to E, asking him why he's crying and telling him he shouldn't be giving mommy a hard time. :) I start to drift off to sleep and all the sudden Patrick's like, "Babe! He's smiling!" So of course I had to get out of bed to go witness his first "social smile"...so stinking cute!! He knew just the right time to pull that out and I'm glad Patrick got to be there to witness it as I know E will have many first's that I'll get to see before him.
Moment #2: The next few days after that were very difficult. He was fussy, and many of the things that had worked before with him just suddenly stopped working. So I decided it might be time to break down and read a book or two on how this whole baby raising business works. I've heard great things about several books, so decided I would just check a few out from my local library before buying anything. I looked at the library's website, and the branch in my town didn't have them in, but they were available via the inter-library loan system. E was sleeping soundly in my arms, so I decided to just call the library and request they hold the books for me. I dial the number, someone picks up...and I kid you not...cue screaming baby.

I calm him down to where she can at least hear me, and give her my library number. He's getting worked back up, but I was far enough in that I didn't want to give up at this point. So she asks, "What book would you like to request?" And I say, "The Happiest Baby on the Block"....to which she says, "What?? I can't hear you over the baby crying!" So I proceed to yell "THE HAPPIEST BABY ON THE BLOCK!!!" into the phone, she says okay, and I hang up. I'm sure they got a great kick out of the desperate mommy over here. Needless to say, I know she heard me because I got a message on our answering machine today saying it is available for pickup. I'll let you know if it's a miracle worker. :)

I do feel it's only fair to add that we seem to be through that phase...not sure what caused it but he has been doing much better this last week or so. He is becoming much more predictable...but I know as I type this, tomorrow could be full of surprises anyway. But he is sooo much fun and is it weird that I think his cry is cute?! (In moderation, of course!)
Moment #3: Remember my changing woes when E was just a little guy? Nearly every time we changed him he thought it was time to go pee. Well as many of you promised me, that passed quickly and we haven't had an accident in awhile. Until last week. I was changing his diaper and talking to him and actually said out loud to him as I was wrapping up his dirty diaper, "Mommy is getting a little too relaxed changing your diapers, huh?" as I hadn't put a new diaper on him yet. Sure enough, within seconds he starts pooping AND peeing and it's spraying everywhere! So what do I do? Run and take cover, of course! As I'm sprinting off into the corner, it hits me - oh wait - I need to stop this from becoming a bigger mess than it already is! So I ran back over to the changing table and quickly got him covered up with a burp cloth and it definitely minimized the damage. I just have to laugh when I think of me initially running away...being the mom sure changes things. :) But at the end of the day...

looking at his sweet little face, cuddling him, and squeezing those delicious cheeks just never gets old! :)


  1. He is such a sweet boy!!! You are one lucky mama! :)

    Even though my daughter is a year, I still get surprises. Enjoy it all!

  2. Awww, I just love this post! So glad that both of you are getting settled into your new routine. He sure is a doll and I know that makes him just irresitable!

  3. Isn't it fun playing dress up?!? And, in a couple years all of those moments will actually be fond memories. :o)

  4. He is so cute! I know what you mean about everyday is a new day. We have had a few rough days (and nights) and it is nice to know that we can start over the next day.

    I read the Baby Whisperer Solves all Your Problems. While I don't think it solved all my problems it had lots of good information and was really helpful.

  5. oh the joys of newborns! I very vividly remember these days and it's sad that they are over for Shelby but I AM TRULY HAPPY they are also b/c life was tough then (shelby was moment 1 & 2 for 5 1/2 MONTHS STRAIGHT!! NO SLEEP, she'd sleep MAYBE 1 hour total in 24 hours and it was tough!) but i do miss her being that little...it's insane she's now 13 months old :(....you're a great mommy and have a beautiful son!!

  6. just when you think ya have it figured out, they switch it up on you, right? ;-) i have happiest baby... and other similar books if you do end up wanting to own it/them- let me know!

  7. These are too funny...I can see myself doing some of the same things (hopefully one day).

    He is too sweet...enjoy your time with him...it goes tooooo fast!

    Lisa :)

  8. Oh, he is just too cute! Can't wait to hear how the book is!

  9. He is so cute! I love reading your posts about what he's up to because he's just a few weeks older thasn my little man! We've had our share of those up-all-night and screaming moments! Please let us know what you think about the book!

  10. hahaha, so funny! Every day certainly is a new day!

    I wonder if it was maybe a growth spurt. Remember how I called you at the end of one day and said that Nate was just RELENTLESS and I was exhausted?!? Whew...those days really make the good ones so much better!!

    And just when you think you have it under control...the teething starts and then it's all crazy again! haha

    But that's the joy of it. It would be boring if every day was perfect! :)

    So happy to see little man's smiles, and chubby cheeks! I miss you!!!

    Let's chat soon! I'll be back in PA on Friday, driving 9 hours to NC. I'll call you while I'm on the road! Love you!!

  11. What a great post! He is just so cute :) And yes - each day is a new day with new challenges - just when you think you finally get it, they change it all up on you again...hahaha! Sounds like maybe he was going through a growth spurt?
    I know all too well about fussy babies. My daughter was relatively easy after the 1st two months, but now my son is a very fussy baby and he will be 4 months tomorrow. It is slowly getting better - he can actually be awake now and not fussing - big accomplishment even from a month ago! But I know this too shall pass. Just enjoy every moment - the good, the bad and the ugly :)

  12. Im so glad to hear that Im not the only one going to the books to figure out this sleep thing. Your little guy is just precious :)

  13. Oh how I can relate in so many ways with our little guy. Your post made me chuckle, I'm so glad you are having so much fun learning about your little boy! We are too, mommyhood has so much joy!

  14. Such a great post! You get in a routine and something else happens....a new phase, teething, it is always something. But, it just keeps getting better and better!!!

  15. I enjoy reading your blog..the little one is precious, and the pic with the straw hat is adorable!


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