August 20, 2010

3 month pictures by Jessica Meinardus & Thanks!

As I mentioned yesterday, we had Manny's 3 month pictures taken as part of our Baby's First Year package with Jessica Meinardus. I'll be honest; I was dreading them. As y'all know, Manny has not been in the best of moods so I figured it'd be disastrous trying to have his pictures made. And yes, he was in a bad mood and wouldn't show us his little smile for anything, but she still did an amazing job! As I mentioned before, she is so laid-back and it helped me not stress out, which would've been easy to do given how tired I was. (as evidenced in the picture below!) I love the pictures, and it just makes me realize how much he's grown when comparing them to the newborn photos she took of him.
I'm so glad we went with this package with her...not only is she so talented, but her pricing is great! I definitely recommend checking her out if you're in the greater Fort Smith area. You can find her website here or her Facebook fan page here.

On another note, thanks for all of the advice and encouragement on yesterday's post. Last night was SO much better...only up once, then slept until 7:15. I agree with many of you in that it might be a growth spurt, so I'm making sure to keep him well-fed. :) I also am convinced he has started teething...he drools ALL THE TIME and so much that it ruins his outfit if I don't keep a bib(s) on him. He also has the runny nose, bad diapers, maybe that's part of it as well. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me out. It amazes me that people I don't even know in real life not only read my blog, but are sweet enough to encourage me & help me get this whole mommy thing down too. :) Y'all are the best...have a great weekend! :)


  1. Sarah, you look absolutely beautiful in these pictures!! And that pic of Manny in the basket with the white hat - I die! :) Beautiful family!!

  2. The pictures are gorgeous!! You guys look great!

    So glad he slept for you last night. I know it's rough... It will just get better and better. And 7:15 is late! E is up by 6.30 every morning!

  3. Gorgeous! LOVE the baby-in-a-basket-in-a-chair pic!!

  4. You family is just precious! Glad you had a better night with your little man =)

  5. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  6. What amazing pictures! You will cherish them forever!

    We had pictures taken when our son was 3 weeks old. I love them so much.

  7. You are to sweet! I love working with your beautiful family! Manny is precious!


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