August 23, 2010

3 months

Dear Emanuel, you are 3 months old! I'm a little late posting about your third month, but we've been busy! So what's new with you?
  • You weigh 13 pounds, 7 ounces - just about a pound more than last month. I didn't measure you, but you sure seem to be getting longer! Your little legs are the cutest thing ever.
  • You have officially graduated to a size 2 diaper. 
  • You are very serious a lot of the time, and your trademark scowl is one of your favorite expressions.

  • You absolutely LOVE to watch TV! You would definitely be a couch potato if we let you. You just kind of zone out anytime you see the magic box. :) Praise Baby is your favorite!
  • You have learned how to spin yourself in a circle, like a little clock dial or something. You are especially good at doing so when you're mad. I should've known with me as your momma you'd be a good little breakdancer!
  • You absolutely love to stand up. You get bored pretty easily and start voicing your opinion until we stand you up...then you just give us that goofy little grin like you're a hot shot. I love it!
  • You're still racking up the nicknames, with the latest being Stinkers and Stinky Pinky. Bubba Bear seems to be sticking the most though...thanks to your Aunt Rach for naming you that one!

  • You are a total chatterbox! I just wish I knew what you were talking about, but your sweet little voice is the cutest noise ever. I love when you wake up in the morning and I hear you just talking away. I'm glad you feel like you can tell me anything!
  • You are still wearing your 0-3 month clothes for the most part. Some of it is too short already, but the 3 - 6 month stuff is usually too big. 

  • You are one ticklish little guy, especially around your neck! Your daddy loves to make you giggle and squirm. I think you might've gotten that from me as I'm quite ticklish myself. :)
  • You are still nursing about every 2-3 hours during the day. We've had a few good weeks of sleeping through the night this month, but the last few weeks have not been so great. I'm thinking it's because you're a growing boy! We tried to introduce you to the bottle this month, but that was a meeting you wanted no part of. We have tried 4 different kinds of bottles and you don't seem the least bit interested in a single one. Daddy tries to give it to you for about 30 minutes to an hour, and then I usually give in and nurse you. We haven't given up on this yet, but I definitely think we waited too long to make this introduction. Live and learn! :) 
  • You love to sit in your Bumbo! I think you feel like a big shot when you do because you just look around like, "Yeah, what's up?" Anything to be eye level with mommy & daddy and you're a happy camper!
  • You are a total drool  monster!! You are always blowing spit bubbles and making a mess.
  • You have learned to arch your back, and I'm convinced you're going to pop up in a back bend one of these days. You do this a lot when you're mad or uncomfortable, like oh, maybe when you're tired of having your picture taken so you stop posing (ahem). It's crazy to see you starting to become mobile in small ways.

We didn't get a picture of you with your 3 month birthday gift from my friends in Waco because we didn't take pictures that day since you were sick, and you couldn't wait to open it. But we loved the cute tummy time mat they gave you and we will definitely put it to good use!

This month has held so many fun things. Your little personality is starting to shine through, and your daddy thinks you're a lot like me - what a compliment! Right? At least that's what daddy says. But I think he has to say that. :) You bring so much joy to our home, Emanuel...I don't know what daddy and I did before we had you to entertain us! I love you baby boy. XOXO



  1. What a little cutie you have on your hands!! We call Blake "bubba bears!!" Actually everyone in our family has a little nickname from me with the word "bears" at the end ;) Manny is getting so big!!! Don't you wish you could freeze time!!?

  2. He is soooo precious! I love his little month shirts, where did you get them? We used to call Bman "Stinker" too!

  3. He is just too cute! I love his shirts! Where do you get them at?

  4. what a cute guy :) Have you tried these bottles at all
    we use these for our little guy, he does very well with them adn took them on the first try, the nipple is supposta be shaped simular to the breast for breast fed babies g/l:)

  5. He is getting more adorable by the day! Good luck with the bottle thing. Hopefully he'll make the switch soon for you guys!

    I love the drool all down the onesie. =)

  6. Ohhh, could he get any cuter??? I love that scowl face! :)

  7. That has to be the cutest little scowl I've ever seen. He's getting big!

  8. LOL! I LOOOOVVVEEEE how he has the same expression as his monkey man in the 1st pic! He is growin sooo fast Sarah! :( It's so heartbreaking and joyful to watch them grow!! love ya

  9. He is adorable! Such a little man :) We love Praise Baby at our house too

  10. Aww, that sweet little smile is just to precious!

  11. Congratulations to both of you!!! Sarah I must say your blog is too good. Me sitting here in India makes it a point to visit it whenever I have a mail in my inbox when you update and its so so so sweet of you to write the way you do. The little one is too cute and the T Shirt is also a very nice one. All is just perfect...Do visit my blog too whenever you have the time at and keep smiling as you both do in the header picture of your blog :-)

  12. Okay, when I read he was already 3 months I had to re-read it! That went fast, but I'm sure you knew that. He is a doll and I love his sticker numbers and big sock monkey :o0

  13. I'm a little behind on commenting, but he is such a cutie! I love his facial expressions. We went through the whole bottle thing too, boys can be so stubborn when they know what they like!


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