August 26, 2010

Mario Brothers, Bottles, and Blog Friends

So am I the last person in the world to find out that you can download old Nintendo games on the Wii?
We had dinner with some friends the other night and this came up somehow. I seriously wanted to run home right then to see if it was really possible. So of course, it was the first order of business when we got home. And for only 5 bucks, I am now taking a stroll down memory lane getting entirely too excited playing Super Mario Brothers 3! I was actually a little sad to leave for LA because I'm stuck on level 4. Some of the old tricks are coming back to me, and I feel so triumphant every time I remember where to find a free man or coin heaven! Which makes me did we know all of that stuff back then? It wasn't like we could look up secrets on the how did some kid discover how to warp worlds, and then how did the word spread? Kind of funny when I think back on it.  Good times. :)

So bottle feeding. Yeah, we still haven't had any luck. This is where we're at on that: Patrick is the one to try to feed him most of the time. I've tried too but he's definitely not having it from me. I've heard the 2nd feeding of the day is best, so we tried that but it doesn't seem to make much difference. So far we've used Medela, Avent, Playtex, and Breastform bottles with no luck. I just bought some Soothie ones hoping they might work since he likes that kind of pacifier. I feel like we basically waited too long to introduce the bottle, and that's why we're having difficulties. Anyone else have any luck introducing a bottle, especially this late in the game?

And finally, I love meeting up with other bloggers. A few weeks ago when I was in Dallas I was able to meet up with Ashley from SheShe Made, and her adorable daughter Ava. We forgot to take a picture but it was so much fun, and Ava was so funny! She is such a sweetie and called Manny Elmo or it! Ashley, I can't wait to do it again - hopefully soon - and we'll definitely get a picture next time! :)

And just a few days ago I got to meet up with Sarah from Adventures in Ava-land again. I'd met Sarah once before, but this was the first time I got to meet her sweet Ava....what a fun little girl!
We had a great time hanging out and talking, and Ava did a good job of keeping us entertained. It was so fun Sarah and I look forward to doing it again!


  1. I'm sorry you're having trouble with bottle feeding! I'm no son took to it right away! I hope this new bottle works for you!

  2. I'm due with my first baby girl in just a few weeks, but I've gotten a lot of great advice from my sister who has 2 kiddos. Her words of wisdom on bottle feeding (among other things like weening off the pacifier and potty training) is that it takes a good 3 days to really get your baby used to it. Good luck and I love reading your blog!

  3. yes, we started between 4-6 weeks and he took it. so sorry it's so difficult for you, have you tried warming the nipple under water first?

  4. Hey Sarah! I tried the Tommy Tippy Bottles from Babies R Us... they ended up working great and have the same "shape" as a mom. Maybe they will work! Love your blog btw, been reading for a long time after my sister Katie showed it to me. Also been meaning to ask, I have noticed you have passy clips on Emmanuel's passy's (the soothie ones) Finley will not take any other passy but I cant seem to find any good passy clips-I was wondering how you made it work. Thanks! Allison Craig

  5. I didn't know you could download old video games to the Wii either until I bought my camera at best buy and saw it on a TV playing and some dude told me about it. Great idea!!

  6. You were not the last person, but the second to the last - now I know! Thanks!

    And while I don't know a thing about breast feeding to bottle, I do know that when we were switching from bottles to sippy cups, and from formula to milk, I chose the bottle they went after most voraciously and that was the one I switched - as in, first thing in the morning after they slept the longest and they really wanted it - so they took to the change the easiest.

    Good luck!

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog and I noticed that you are having trouble with bottle feeding. I had a lot of trouble with it with my son. I tried many different types of bottles with him. The only person he took the bottle from was MIL...I couldn't figure it out until I found out she warmed it...a lot. I tried it by warming my breast milk in a cup of very hot water. I made it pretty warm and voila...he sucked it down. It make sense because of course it must be pretty warm coming out of their mommas!

  8. I didn't know you could download old games on the Wii! I am so excited now!!! Thanks for passing along the info!

  9. I just learned that, too! Can't wait to go shopping. :o)

    Luke NEVER took a bottle. Never. I tried every kind with no luck. He did however move to a cup with a straw when he was only 7 months old. That totally rocked when we were out and about!

  10. did you get my comment about tommee tippee??

  11. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  12. Oh honey, we discovered Wii had Mario 3 and let's just say it changed our household. I never thought I'd argue with my husband over who "gets to be Player 1"!!! ha!

  13. you can do what?!? I need to go home right now and check that out. I want old school Mario!!

  14. I didn't get your email and I tried to email you back and it wouldn't go through?!?!? Will you email me again at I would love to get together next week! Let me know what your plans are!

  15. aww girl i'm sorry u missed the giveaway! i will make sure you know of the next one! :) SAHM Day 1 is goin great!! :) it's the most rewarding job i've ever had!! :)


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