September 20, 2010

{Month 4} Must-Haves

It's time to share our favorite things for the month! In case you missed them, here are our months 1 & 2 and month 3 lists.
Two words: LIQUID GOLD. Seriously, why hadn't I heard of this before? A friend told me about it awhile back, and I'll admit; I was skeptical. But I finally decided to pick some up a few weeks ago when I was at BRU. E has always had problems with hiccups; he even had them often when I was pregnant. But I kid you not - he'll get the hiccups, I give him some of this, and it is instant magic...just like that; they're gone. Fortunately we don't have colic problems currently, so I don't know if it helps with that or not, but it sure is nice to give him this at 3 am when he can't sleep because of the hiccups!
At first I wasn't so sure about the Moby Wrap, but now that I've learned to use it correctly I love it. There are so many positions you can carry the baby in, and E really likes it too. This buys me a lot more time when we go shopping since he gets bored in his car seat pretty quickly. A major plus is it's the only carrier I've used that doesn't hurt my back. I'm actually working on a post about my baby wearing experiences that I hope to have up later this week, so check back for that.

This is by far Manny's favorite toy. He can easily hang on to her neck, and just goes to town chewing on her. It's a little pricey as far as teethers go, but definitely worth it in the long run.
Last month I talked about how much I loved the Bumbo, and this month the tray is the perfect addition to it. Manny loves to sit in this, but gets bored quicker than he used to. But with the tray on it, I can put some toys on there and he keeps himself entertained for a bit.
 I tried 6 types of bottles. He took this one. Enough said.
It is so great to have a place to put him where he can occupy himself for a bit and have some fun. He looks like such a big kid hanging out in there too! I debated on if I wanted a jumperoo or exersaucer, and we actually ended up with both. Fortunately my sister-in-law gave me their jumperoo, and my sister gave me their exersaucer, so that gives us some variety to work with. He really likes both of them, but I'm not sure I'd get both if I had to buy them. My advice on this would be to see if someone will let you borrow theirs before you buy as I've had some friends say their kids hated them so it was a waste of money. Craigslist also usually has a lot listed.
This was the first rattle he used. It's great because of the skinny bars, he can easily wrap his little fingers onto it and grip it well.

Well that's it for this month...I'm curious to see what month 5 will bring! :)


  1. Agree about the gripe water and the play tray! And the exersaucer! :) LIFE.SAVERS.

  2. I'm glad you found a bottle that worked for him! We also loved gripe water--and it worked miracles for us! All of my friends laugh at me and call it my herbal stuff, but it works.

  3. Oh I love this post!! Great idea!! And I have heard about this sophie the giraffe alot lately. I finally am going to order it b/c I gave Noah a rattle today and he ended up hitting himself with it and all he wanted to do was chew on it. Poor guy :( Which exersaucer did ur sis give ya?? I wanna buy one (my sis gave us a jumperoo) and I have NO clue which one to get ;D

  4. That's a great tip about the Gripe Water. I know a ton of moms that have used it for their gassy babes, but since I only breastfeed, I never gave it a second thought.

    Both of my boys had crazy hiccups in utero and after...and Sam still gets them a lot. Neil does, too, I'm blaming him! :o)

  5. We LOVE gripe water! Coop doesn't like the Little Tummy's brand though (high maintenance like his mama), we have to go to a special drug store which only ONE location has this brand called Baby Bliss! Haha, the things we do for our babies :) I have a sleepy wrap, same as the moby and I LOVEEEE it! So cuddly! I am really looking forward to getting a jumperoo, we're only getting one and I think I'd like the one he can jump around in.

  6. Great must-haves list! We love our jumperoo, bumbo, and bright starts rattle. Only used Gripe Water once or twice but thinking about trying again!Happy Monday!

  7. I completely agree about the Gripe Water and the Bumbo seat. One difference though? I said my breastmilk was "liquid gold" because I didnt have enough...hehe Its was like, oh! save that drop! lol

  8. So glad you are posting all of these must-haves! It's been so long since I had Payton that they have way better products now!

  9. sophie and the rattle are still some of Eva's favorites!

  10. We have and love all but the Moby. I'd say Sophie was most definitely worth the money. She is BG's bff. We go nowhere without her! And the gripe water? We did have a colicky baby and it helped a lot. It was actually the only thing that did. We also have that rattle in pink. She loves it. And can now throw it across the room. Super fun.

  11. It is crazy that the jumperoo that we got less that a YEAR ago has already changed! Crazy!! E is so cute and already such a little man! Good pics

  12. I'm interested to hear more about the moby and what all you do with it. I also have a 4 month old and I rarely use my moby. Looking forward to ideas.

  13. i've been thinking about a moby but he's 8 months and I think it is just too late. we have a ring sling and an ergo.

    love the gripe water! it is fantastic on hiccups! i didn't realize it had to be refrigerated so we had to throw ours out.

  14. Sophie the so cute...I'm gonna have to get one...ha!!

  15. That giraffe is so stinking popular! We never used her but have heard wonderful things about her!! Great list!


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