September 22, 2010

MOPS & Swaddle "Weaning"

I can't remember if I talked about it here or on Twitter, but we joined a MOPS group recently. It is so great to have a place to go to connect with other moms, and this group of ladies is wonderful! Last week a girl by the name of Missy spoke. She shared the story of unexpectedly losing her precious 5 year old daughter Leightyn just last month. You can read all about it on her blog, and I encourage you to go visit it. She is such a strong woman and truly an inspiration. I feel fortunate to be able to join a group of such neat & caring ladies. If you're in the Fort Smith area and are interested in  possibly joining, email me and I'd be glad to give you details! Here is my handsome little Bubs before heading out to MOPS this morning.
And thanks to our swaddling issues, I won a prize at MOPS for least amount of sleep last night - ha!

So here's the swaddling situation. Manny has always loved to be swaddled. Like totally addicted to it. As in, it can be 110 degrees outside and he won't fall asleep unless he's swaddled. Well, now that he's rolling so much we decided it's time to stop swaddling him. So we got a sleep sack and tried that, but he will NOT fall asleep in that, so we decided we'd "wean" him by just leaving one arm out at first, and still swaddling his lower body. We have done that the past 3 nights and it's hysterical to watch him fall looks like he's doing the tomahawk chop (Florida State anyone?) because he just keeps moving that arm up and down until he finally falls asleep! Nonetheless, he is doing better and not waking himself up as often, so I planned on removing the other arm tonight...that is, until this morning when I found him sleeping on his stomach! I nearly fainted. Yes, I know there are lots of babies that sleep on their stomach and are fine, but it just makes me a bit nervous. So I've rambled on this long to say this: should I still swaddle him and leave his arms out, or go ahead and transition him to a sleep sack? If so, any advice on the best way to do that? I'm assuming it's going to be one of those situations where it will take a few days to adjust, but I'd love to know what worked (or didn't!) for you, and also any tips on keeping him from sleeping on his stomach. I know there's only so much I can do if he prefers that, but just thought I'd ask. Thanks my dears! :)


  1. I started swaddling my baby and leaving her arms out. If I tried to keep her arms in the swaddle, she was too strong and wiggled her way out, and then the blanket would be just a mess, which made this new mama very nervous! So, I just started swaddling her from her torso down. Then her darn legs got too strong, and luckily, she has transitioned nicely to a sleep sack. I would definitely try just swaddling from the torso down for now if he doesn't like the sleep sack. :)

  2. OHHHHHH OOOOOOO OOOOOOOHHHHH OOOOO.....proudly waving my tomahawk chop! :) What make you think of FSU?

  3. Cooper was a swaddled baby, too, and when he started to bust out of it nightly I decided to switch to the sleep sack. He was about 5 months when that happened. We just went cold turkey. It was an adjustment, but after a week or so he did just fine. I miss swaddling! He was out like a light when he was swaddled.

    Once they are rolling, they are just fine on their stomachs. They have the ability at that point to raise their head if they feel like they can't breathe.

  4. I know NOTHING about this because Coop never cared about being swaddled, but have you thought about getting one of those wedge things you can put in his crib to keep him in place while he sleeps? That way he can't roll over and you can continue 'weaning' him from the swaddle. Just a thought. Love those pics, he's always so happy :)

  5. I so wish I could do stuff like MOPS but unfortunately it's all during the day. Such a bummer for working mamas! Good luck with the swaddling weaning. We just kind of let Ava lead the pace when she would bust out of it herself we knew it was time to stop. We did have to adjust on putting her down. You'll figure it out - it takes time for both of you! hope you get some sleep tonight!

  6. I swaddled my daughter until her doctor told me I had to stop around 4 months. She was rolling over by then and her doctor said it was very dangerous to keep her swaddled if she was rolling. Her doctor was not known for being an alarmist about stuff, so when she told me I had to stop I did immediately. That day actually. We just stopped cold turkey and after about 3 or 4 days it was fine. She was also a stomach sleeper (at almost 15 months she still is), but there's not much you can do about that once they can roll. It's perfectly safe for them to be on their stomachs since they are getting there on their own.

  7. We stopped swaddling at naps first and let him adjust and then we took it away at night. We did what you guys are doing with leaving one arm out, then we did both arms out and finally a sleep sack. If I remember correctly around the time we dropped the swaddle he started sleeping on his tummy. It made me nervous too at first!

  8. I just read the blog you linked too and am balling. Wow, that mom is so strong and her faith is God is amazing.

    Sorry, no advice on swaddling.

  9. Hehe - with Linc we swaddled for about 2.2 seconds. He was too HUGE and STRONG to stay wrapped. So we just let him side sleep. When they start rolling to their tummy, there is no going back. At least there wasnt for US. Lincoln does this crazy butt up in the air wiggle on his tummy for literally 5 minutes until he falls asleep on his tummy and stays that way til morning usually. Sorry, I am not much help! :)

  10. Hi Sarah, your post brings back so many memories! Jillian was a major swaddle addict too. We weaned her by doing the one arm swaddle too. It took us a month to completely wean her. I remember watching her on the monitor and she would slowly lower the one arm, and then she would flinch like she was falling, and then completley wake herself up. It was brutal. I also received a lot of advice to transition to the sleep sack instead of the swaddle and I just didn't think it had the same affect. Jillian knew it wasn't a swaddle! It will certainly take a few days for him to get used to because it sounds like your Manny is like my Jilly! My heart goes out to you, I understand your lack of sleep during that time! Jillian would itch her head a lot too during that time and she would often wake herself up doing that too.
    I also freaked out when Jillian learned to roll around. It gets to a point where they are constantly rolling on their stomach as much as you try to put them on their back. During that time, Jillian was in a sleep sack.

    Lots of hugs and prayers coming your way, this was one of the hardest times for me because I was getting up constantly with her.


  11. You know we were big swaddlers too. We started swaddling from the torso down and then the minute she could roll back to front, went to the sleep sack. And she sleeps on her side and stomach now. She had no problem transitioning. She occasionally wakes herself up now, but not very often. Hope he gets it figured out soon!

  12. Ok why does he look so big in these pictures??? His session wasn't that long ago! I can't wait to see him again! His next session will be so much fun!

  13. My little guy was a big swaddler too and I stopped at about 5 1/2 months once he started rolling over (he is 16 months now) and I swaddled him up until the very last possible minute because he wouldn't sleep through the night without being swaddled and he had slept through the night since he was 5 weeks old!!!

    We had tried a few weeks before really stopping and it just didn't work and then when we had to because of him rolling he just went with it. I think we might of had a few nights where he woke up but he would go right back to sleep as long as he had his paci.

    He was and still is a tummy sleeper - like the others said as long as he can roll over he is fine sleeping on his tummy. Now me being the paranoid person I am I never put anything in the crib with my guy until he was about 14 months - not even a small blanket - I mean nothing...nada and I probably checked on him like 100 times but that is just me!!

    Good luck! Just remember you will get through this and take a nap when he does during the day to keep up your energy until you get his sleeping habits figured out!!!

  14. i posted a couple times on my blog a few months ago or so about trying to stop swaddling-- you can check that out if ya want :)

  15. I am sad to admit this, but I really can't remember how we quit the swaddlin'. But what I DO remember, is that I am a pretty laid back, level headed momma. However, when Alex started rolling from back to belly, and still had to be swaddled, this was one call to the pediatrician I made. I was terrified of something happening so I needed to call for backup.

    My point being, don't be afraid of anything you feel or ask. Don't ever be scared to look like "that mom" and ask "that question". And you probably aren't, but just in case, I will give YOU backup.

    So.....tell me about MOPS. My cousin loves it and I am interested but haven't come across any info on it.


  16. I cannot believe how grown up E looks! So adorable! Henry has Sophie the giraffe too...but now he just throws her on the ground...laughing at the fact that he can produce a squeak from her! And oh how I wish my kiddos loved to swaddle. They were all busting 2!

  17. Hi- this is my first comment (well, technically second bc I just commented on your bedroom post!) but I thought I'd scroll down to read more and came to this post. I don't have any babies of my own yet--but I used to nanny for a little one from 3months-10months. and his momma worked from home. When I took him to her to nurse and put down for a nap, she always swaddled him. Not like a "normal" swaddle, though. She had this HUGE really thin blanket. I forgot the name now, but I've seen them at boutiques before. Anyway, she would fold the sides over him like usual, but the blanket was so long that she used the bottom part to make two "tails" and crossed them and pulled them up and tied them around the back of his head. Sounds awful now that I've typed it out, but crossing the "tails" allowed it to be further below his throat, so it wasn't too tight. ugh, all this to say, she still "swaddled" the 10month baby! But by the time he woke up, he was so strong that he had pushed his arms out and was pulling himself up on the pack n play, where he slept. SO, now that I say all of this, I'm not really sure of the point of it! ha! But maybe some babies can "tell you" or let you know why actions when they don't want to be swaddled anymore. On the other hand, I've heard people say if you swaddle too long it could cause hip problems...? I don't know! I used to work at a learning center and the workers in the baby room swaddled even the crawling babies! who knows! LOL I hope you find what works best for you and your baby. He's just adorable! Love your blog and the DIY projects I just saw. Have a great day!

  18. Been reading around your blog tonight! Gotta comment because you mentioned FSU! My husband and I both graduated from there so we're BIG fans.

    As far as the sleeping goes, hopefully you've figured it out by now. But as a mom with two kids I wouldn't be scared of the tummy sleeping at his age. I don't think you can really stop it at this point.

  19. haven't read all the others, but we used a sleeper from new zeaaland called the peke moe ( and we were stunned when it worked first night.. so maybe that is another option?!


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