September 30, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Dining Room

This week the home tours at Kelly's Korner are continuing with the dining room. Y'all, if I thought my pictures last week were bad...I clearly hadn't tried to photograph my dining room yet. It is SO hard to get a good picture of it, no matter the time of day! But here's my best attempt. And these pictures make me realize how dusty my house really is. Ugh.

I LOVE the paint color of our dining room. It is done in Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics paint. All of the walls are a lighter green color, Torch, and one wall is striped with Torch and Candelabra, the darker green...thanks to my amazingly talented mother. :)

This is the view when you walk in our front door and look to the left.

Our table really doesn't go with the style of our house. It looked great in our place in Waco but our house now is a different style. Maybe one day we'll sell it and get something else, but honestly I bet we've used it a total of 5 times since living here, so I'm in no rush. I am still trying to find the perfect thing for the wall - I think this piece is too small. So I either need something with it, or something completely different. I also have been looking for a rug, and finally found one I like that I just ordered. Hoping it will warm the space up a bit.
This is on the right wall. The walkway leads to the butler's pantry, and then into the kitchen.
A shot of my lovely fall arrangement from Michael's, put together with help from my mother. :)
This is the view looking back into the dining room from the living room. There are french doors on that wall to the left, thus the insane glare.
And finally, I tried to take a picture looking in from the butler's pantry, but as you can didn't quite turn out.
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  1. Sarah, it's beautiful! I love the stripes on the wall, gorgeous. You have great style and the decor is so pretty. Beautiful room!

  2. Love those stripes! I want french doors in my dining area too! And a butlers pantry, and those wood floors!

  3. Everything looks beautiful to me!!! Love the hardwoods!! :)

  4. Beautiful! I love your house and your decorating style. :)

  5. Hi Sarah, your dining room looks great! I love the stripes on the walls, so classy!

    I didn't even participate in this one since our dining room is a total work in progress right now. Would make for some interesting pictures right now though!


  6. Your dining room is beautiful. I love the stripes!

  7. Wow, this space is just beautiful. I love the stripes!

  8. I too love the me some great it !

  9. I love your dining room. I like the stripes and the table and chairs! The centerpiece is perfect for that space...I have a really hard time with finding center pieces.


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