October 26, 2010

MOPS & Crock Pot Recipes

Today at MOPS Kelly from Kelly's Korner came to speak. She was just as sweet as she comes across on her blog, and I just think it's so neat that the Lord has given her this platform to reach so many people from around the world.

And finally, I've decided I really need to jump on board this whole crockpot cooking thing. I've been googling recipes but am so overwhelmed because there are a ton out there! So I was thinking about having a linky party where people could share crockpot recipes they like. I'm putting a poll below, so just vote and let me know if you'd want to link up for this. If there's enough interest, I'll do a linky. If not, then I'll just be bugging you to email me your recipes. :)


  1. So nice to "meet" you too! Your little baby is so cute! I love his name...Emanuel...that is so neat :) I'm so thankful for these precious babies from God. With all the sleepless nights it's ALL worth it right? Hope you are having a great week!!!

  2. How fun that you got to meet Kelly! I love reading her blog. I think the CrockPot recipe is a great idea and I would link up because I have a few recipes and would love to have some more!

  3. Your such a lucky lady, how awesome that you got to meet Kelly !! I just love her blog and would love one day to hear her speak !!!

  4. I do a lot of crockpot cooking, especially this time of year, simply because it's just so simple. I love the idea of exchanging recipes so hopefully enough people will have interest!

  5. I am so interested in doing the recipe exchange! count me in!

    And have I told you how cute your little guy is? Adorable!

  6. Shut the front door! I am so jealous that Kelly came to speak to your MOPS group!!!! I only wished we lived closer so we could all get together. I clicked yes to sharing our recipes, I am always looking for something new to cook. We are in such a slump right now. Glad to hear you had such a great day!


  7. I love crockpot meals! What a fun idea to share recipes. :) Soooo neat that you got to meet Kelly in person!

  8. How fun that you got to hear Kelly speak and meet her as well! I think linking up for crockpot meals would be an excellent idea!

  9. You met Kelly!! So fun! I want people to share crock pot recipes. I would share mine, but I have used our crock pot exactly once and the meal was NOT good!


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