October 29, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Guest Room

This week's stop on the home tours at Kelly's Korner is the guest room. Our guest room was one room in the house that we decided to do something a little different with the paint color, and decided on an olive/army green color. However, it turned out much differently than it looked on the color deck. But it has grown on us, and now we really like it! Here is the view from the door.
The bird print is from Hobby Lobby, as is the number 8 (our wedding date) covered in some scrapbook paper. And don't you just LOVE the print of Phillipians 4:8?! Libby from The Bonjour Family designed it & is sharing it as a free download. Go check it out...plus check out all of her great blog tutorials - super helpful! Love her blog...thanks Libby. :)
This was our bedroom furniture when we lived in Waco. I still really like it, but we'll probably sell it eventually.
I had a hard time finding something to go over the bed, so I ended up making this for less than $10! I will post a tutorial next Wednesday...it's so easy, and more importantly - cheap.  :)
Here is the view looking back towards the door (the green looks yellower here than it really is because of the glare from the sun.)

Thanks for stopping by...have a great weekend! :)


  1. I LOVE this green!!! What paint did you use? Beautiful room!

  2. i love your entire room - you have such a great eye for design! can't wait to see more of your house!

  3. Love the art you made above the bed!


  4. I like your paint choice. Very different.

  5. Love the green! Can't wait for the art lesson!

  6. Beautiful! The color is fun, and I'm excited for the artwork tutorial. :) Happy weekend!

  7. This is gorgeous, I love the prints above the bed. Such a good idea!

  8. this room is gorgeous! please come decorate my house!!!

  9. I am a semi-new follower. I LOVE your guest room! I love the bed and the wall color. Thanks for sharing the link to the Phillipians 4:8 print! I can't wait to see the tutorial!!!

  10. LOVE that green, Sarah!

    Happy Halloween to you two and the new little trick-or-treater. XO!

  11. I love paint color, it is similar to our playroom color. Seeing your guest bedroom makes me miss ours!!

    I need you to come to my house and give me some decorating tips!!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. I like the paint choice a lot! Another beautiful room!

  13. I LOVE IT! 1 reason.. that is same same color as the walls in my master bedroom, 2. That is also my bedding we have!!! How crazy is that!! i love the wall hangings too, that gives me a few ideas for a bare wall i have!!

    I love your lamp where did you get it!! I would love get 2 that would match our room!!

  14. Sarah! It looks AMAZING in your room! I LOOOOVE the frame you chose to display it in. I'm thrilled you used it!

    And your room looks fabulous!! you have such an eye for design. I sent all my readers your way. :) Hope youre having a wonderful weekend!

  15. I love the green color! As always, your house looks gorgeous! The wall hangings look familiar... did you do something similar when you were originally designing your nursery, before you had E?

  16. What a beautiful guest room!!!

  17. I love the green!! But green IS my favorite color. :)

    I like the decorating and CANNOT wait for that tutorial on the awesome wallart above the bed.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  18. Your guest bedroom is prettier than my master bedroom:)


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