December 21, 2010

Santa Visit & Make Your Blog Mobile

We were doing some Christmas shopping Sunday and decided on a whim to have E's picture made with Santa. I hate that he wasn't really dressed for the occasion, but he still looks cute. :) He totally gave Santa the stare down! Santa told me that most kids will not hold eye contact that long...but not my baby...he was all, "Bring it, Santa!" Notice his little balled up fist. :)

I learned something so cool on Twitter yesterday, and wanted to share it with y'all. Lauren mentioned that you can now change your settings on Blogger to make your blog mobile compatible. When you do this, it is SO much quicker (and easier) to read blogs from your phone. Here is a screenshot of what mine looks like:

It's very easy to do! Here's how you can do it if you'd like.

1. Go to
2. Click on "Settings" in the middle of the page.
3. Click on "Email & Mobile" which is listed in all the tabs going across the top of the page.
4. Under "Mobile Template", click on "
5. Click "Save Settings" and you're done! You're blog should now appear much quicker and easier to navigate when viewed on a phone.

Off to do some Christmas shopping and have lunch with a blogger friend...yay! :)


  1. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to do it right now.

  2. awww love the santa picture! i think what he is wearing is perfect. i love how he is giving santa the stare down. hehe
    and thanks for the tip! I did notice how easy it ws to read your blog when i read it on my phone.

  3. ok, the picture of santa and E looking at each other is way too cute!! love it!
    thanks for the tip hun!
    enjoy your lunch!!

  4. Awesome tip! Thanks for sharing.

    Manny is so cute. Love his outfit! What size is he wearing now? If you want and if the seasons work out, I can send you C's monkey outfit that he wore in his Christmas pictures. They are 12-18 months... I could send them once winter is over. It is the Old Navy sock monkey line.

    C did the same for his pictures. He has seen Santa twice. The first time he just stared at him, and the second he stared and actually tried to pull at his beard. ha.

  5. what a cute picture with Santa. That is what mine was like last year with Emma... This year I am in it:) She was not a fan this year!

  6. Great idea! I've just my blog mobile-friendly. Thanks!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing that tip! That is sooo helpful. Merry Christmas to you and your family. xo

  8. Oh my gosh he is too cute! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  9. Either you have a twin or I saw you in JCP at the Rogers Promenade Plaza today. :) I was so close to saying something, but was too embarrassed. :)

  10. Thank you so much for this wonderful tip. I love reading your blog :)

  11. Ok so Manny's outfit on Santa's lap is perfect. A reindeer?? What could be better??

    Second of all, your house is ridiculous. SARAH! How do you have time for all of that???? You decorated every nook and cranny of your house!! Ugh, I wish I was better at that, cause your house looks amazing. I can see why they wanted you to do the parade of homes, you are TALENTED!!!

    I miss you so much! Got the Christmas card today and I LOVE IT. Oh and I got all the CD's and the precious shoes, thank you so much!! I can't wait to try them on Nathan. You are the best, and I miss you so much! Can't wait to see you again soon! Let's catch up soon!

  12. Manny's Santa picture is precious. Just wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed your blog this year, and never commented, but did want to take time to tell you "thank you" for the many articles of inspiration on decorating, cooking and life in your blog. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

  13. why dont i have the "mobile template" in my settings?

  14. I'd never heard of the mobile thing, I'm going to try it! E is so cute in his little reindeer shirt :)

  15. I love the pic of E in Santa's lap...he is so sweet! And I made my blog mobile cool :) Thanks for sharing #sarahofalltrades

  16. Hey Sarah, I am trying to make my blog mobile compatible but I don't see

    Under "Mobile Template", click on "Yes, On mobile devices, show the mobile version of my template."

    in my settings...? I only see "Mobile Devices" where I can put in my phone number and be able to text or send a picture to be directly posted to my blog.

    Is there some kind of blogger update I need to download? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!!

  17. Nevermind, Sarah! I figured it out! I wasn't going to draft.blogger first. oops! :)


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