January 17, 2011

8 months

Dear Emanuel,

You are 8 months old! Doesn't that sound old?! I just can't believe it. So what have you been up to this past month?
  • You weigh right about 19 pounds and are growing so tall! I don't know your exact measurements but can't wait to see what they are at your check-up next month.
  • You are still wearing size 3 diapers and a lot of 3-6 months clothes, though the pants are getting too short so you've gone up a size in pants. You wear some 6-9 month stuff but it doesn't fit you quite right yet.
  • Those teefers of yours are just too much. You have a total of 5 teeth - 3 on the bottom, and 2 on the top. Your top 2 teeth are kind of funny because they're your "fang" teeth. And if you weren't so stinking cute, they'd probably be creepy. As in vampire creepy. Your 2 front teeth have been so close to coming in for awhile now, but they just haven't come through yet. I can see them though, so hopefully soon!  I will say though that with each new tooth that comes through I worry that your nursing days are numbered. You have been a model citizen so far and kept your chompers to yourself...let's keep it that way, okay?
  • We still call you a variety of nicknames, with Bubbers being one of the most common ones. Papa started calling you Manford and that's stuck. Of course you earned the nickname Dennis the Menace with all of the trouble you manage to look for stumble upon. Oh, and we can't forget Fang, for obvious reasons.
  • You are quite the speed crawler, especially when you have your eye on the prize. You want to stand all the time, and will crawl anywhere if there is something you can pull up on. I love when you crawl over to my leg and pull up...it is so sweet!
  • Your favorite song is "Fix You" by Coldplay. If we are riding in the car and you get upset, you almost always calm down if we play this song. I think it's so sweet because that whole album is very special to your daddy and I. We listened to it all the time when we first started dating. Glad to see you have good taste in music like us. :)
  • You are starting to talk so much and you have the sweetest little voice! You say ma-ma and da-da alllll of the time. I think you're starting to realize who da-da is and it's so cute. 
  • Sometimes you'll just be sitting there and start clicking your tongue. I don't know why, but I think it's so funny. You have also started blowing raspberries on me occasionally when you're done nursing. Really, Bubs? You're such a boy.
  • Christmas brought some fun new toys and you really enjoy them all. But your favorite toy this month? An empty water bottle, hands down. You drag it around everywhere. I swear, it's like your lovey or something. Maybe I should offer it to you when you wake up crying at 3 am?
  • You had your first taste of juice this month when you had a little, ahem, blockage. Fortunately a little bit of watered down prune juice got things back on track.
  • This month brought your first snow and first visit to the nursery. And shortly thereafter, your first sickness. You had your first official fever along with a yucky cough and runny nose. It was so sad but the extra cuddle time was nice as you really don't do that anymore. When we took your pictures today you were still struggling with your runny nose, and started feeling yucky pretty quickly after we started taking pictures. It's so sad and I can't wait for you to feel 100%!
  • It seems you are fascinated in a whole new way with your hands this month. You will just hold your hand in front of your face and turn it back and forth, carefully inspecting it. Better yet, you are really close to starting to wave! You'll hold your arm up in the air when we wave at you and it's just precious.
  • You are eating like a champ and have tried all sorts of fruits and veggies. You also tried puffs for the first time this week. You weren't sure what to think but didn't hate them.
  • You tried to eat the tissue paper in the monthly birthday gift from my friends in Waco. You love the monkey they got you and have played with it all day! I love the adorable paci clips they got you and just wish you'd actually take a paci so we could use them. :)
The month was full of so many great memories as we celebrated your first Christmas. Have I mentioned how much fun you make my life? Cause you sure do. Every single day is a new adventure and it is so fun to have you as my side-kick. I love you baby boy. XOXO.



  1. These are so sweet. Happy 8 month birthday!

  2. he's such a sweetie. and I'm totally inspired by the fact you're nursing with that mouth full of teeth...Emeline has no teeth at 8 months and a week old and my "ladies" thank her :) So its nice to hear that its still totally possible with a mouthful. ;)

    He's so precious.

    They grow too big TOO fast...sigh.

  3. Growing so fast!! "Fix You" is my favorite song of all time. :)

  4. Happy 8 month bday!!! So stinkin' cute!!! And I had to laugh about his 'fangs'....those were the first 2 teeth my daughter got - it would crack everyone up whenever she would smile...hahaha! Still laughing as I remember those days!

  5. I always love your pictures of Manny. I love how the sock monkey is always in the pictures, too! I got my friend a purple sock monkey to match her soon-to-be-born little girl's room! ;)

    I would like to pass a blog award on to you- check it out here:



  6. he's growing up so fast! aren't their little teeth the cutest thing? it really makes them look like big boys.

    have you tried the yogurt melts? cooper LOVES them.

    yay Manny!

  7. I love this! I feel like I'm reading my letter to Maddox :) Our boys are so similar! Ummm...what is it with empty water bottles?!?! Maddox LOVES them!!

    Could Manny be any cuter!! He's such a doll!! Happy 8 mos, sweet boy!!

    I can't believe are boys are growing up so fast!!

  8. how is he 8 months old?!?!?

    I cannot believe how many teeth he has. That is impressive!

  9. He's such a doll and looks like he is full of energy and personality.

    I love his HUGE sock monkey.

    Callen only has his two bottom teeth still.

    Happy 8 months!


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