January 12, 2011

{Months 6 & 7} Must-Haves

I never got around to posting our must-haves for month 6, but there actually weren't very many so I decided to combine them with month 7.

I found this at TJ Maxx and it has been so awesome. I love that it has straps to buckle him in since he doesn't sit snugly in some carts. It also folds up easily into the attached bag.
As soon as I saw Jennifer using this, I knew I'd been missing out. While I don't carry Manny around in his seat very often any more, I do still occasionally and this padded piece makes the strain much less on your arm. This is definitely one of those things that I wish I'd had from the beginning.
I first used this to help with Manny's teething by putting in an ice cube and letting him suck on it. I also use this when I want to let him try a piece of fruit or veggie but I'm not comfortable giving it to him outright.

Since teething has been pretty much non-stop these last few months, we usually try a variety of things to help/distract him. When we find something he likes, we just add it into the rotation of things to give him when he tires of what he's using. So here we have yet another teether! When he bites down on it, it vibrates...maybe like a little massage to the gums? :) I don't know, but Manny likes it. (I should mention that while the Amazon link shows it for $15, I got mine at Wal-Mart for around $6. Just thought I'd include the link for your reference, but I don't think it's the best place to get it.)

We've been using this since he was born, but the real test came when we moved him upstairs. I was really nervous that it wasn't going to work as well since I've read mixed reviews about it. Fortunately it works wonderfully and I absolutely LOVE that I can take a peek at him while he's in his crib.
I don't think I ever posted this here, but he recently found the camera in his crib and likes to crawl over to it and stare in...a little creepy, no?! It's like he's calling out to me to come get him. I should mention he doesn't usually do this when he's crying...just when exploring his crib. This kid seriously cracks me up.
We opted to go with a booster seat rather than a high chair for space-saving purposes. It attaches perfectly to our bar stool and is easy to fold up and take with us when we travel.

Well that's all for this month! In case you missed them, here are months 1&2, month 3, month 4 and our month 5 must-haves. :)


  1. You've got some great must haves! How do you clean the mesh eating thing? I gave up and threw away. Ant tips?

  2. Thank you so much for posting these must haves! We were going to add that very same video monitor to our baby registry, so I am glad you give it a thumbs up ;) One question about that though - can you attach the camera part to the crib and then carry the handheld part (that has the monitor) to another room with you? We were going to do this, because we are not having baby sleep in our room, but her room is basically right next to ours.

  3. I love that Jeep thing, good find! The thing we bought is just ok, but I always liked yours better cause it had it's own bag!

    And where was that padded car seat handle thing when Nate was born?! Ugh, that would have been SO NICE to have! I'm adding that to my list of things i want when the next baby comes along. The car seat is just so heavy! I quit carrying Nate in it around 4 months because it literally killed my back and arm!

    That monitor picture is absolutely hilarious!!

    Good call on the booster seat. We got a high chair but it also turns into a booster seat so he can sit at the table. I'm thinking about using it as a booster instead because it takes up so much space.

    Miss you and love you girl!!!

  4. Love, love, love the fresh food feeder!!!

  5. your sweet little model made my blog today :) he is precious!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing. I want to get carsyn a mesh feeder.

  7. I've thought about getting Maycee Belle the mesh feeder but I've heard they are hard to clean. Have you had any trouble?

    Love the crib picture! That is so funny!

  8. These are great must haves, I have all but the handle pad. we decided to get the video monitor when we had our second child, so much nicer being able to see them. It works great to mount on the wall too.

    Thanks for sharing. Another great teething toy are those ones you can put in the fridge that have water in them.


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