January 19, 2011

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Water Bottle Love

A boy and his...water bottle? Yep, he's still super attached and drags it with him everywhere he goes.

And a little video where he keeps his beloved water bottle nearby the whole time while ignoring my requests to wave or say ma-ma...isn't that always how it is? :) It's kind of long, but towards the end you see his true dedication to his water bottle and I thought it was too cute not to include.


  1. he is just way too cute!! i love his little outfit :)
    when my nephew was around his age, he lived with me and he LOVED water bottles too! so funny what can entertain little ones.

  2. AWWWWW! He's soooo cute!!! Love his outift! (and 1 sock HA!).

  3. This is too cute! Aedan is obsessed with a wooden spoon. It cracks me up that he got sooo many new toys for Christmas and what does he choose to play with...a wooden spoon. Haha!

  4. So cute! I just came across your blog...I'm your newest follower.

  5. My sister was a childhood development specialist and she made her own toys. She would take different household items like a penny, a jingle bell or sand inside a water bottle and then super glue the lid on...every kid loved them and they were basically FREE :O)

  6. Ok now that is just the cutest thing EVER! He is a dedicated and loyal little fella no doubt. I was cracking up at his facial expression when he dropped it!!
    So sweet.

  7. What is it with little ones and water bottles? GG is the same way! So cute! His outfit is just too adorable!

  8. Okay! YAY! I have a question!
    So, after having the pantry label discussion with you, I decided that I just need to cave and buy a cricut machine (that's how bad I want those labels... lol)

    Anyway, I know you do tons of crafts with the cricut, so what would you suggest us buying to get started?

    I looked online and gave up... haha so I am turing to you! I don't scrapbook, just want to do vinyl crafts and things for Harper and of course anything to use for organizing labels/tags... So what do you suggest to start?


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