January 31, 2011

Project 365: Week 4

(this week's pictures go up and down instead of across)
22. On Saturday I went shopping with my mom, 2 older sisters, and niece. We had so much fun and I found some good sales for clothes for Manny.
23. We went to church with my family and out for some Mexican after lunch. Manny practiced waving at us all.
24. I found a gym that has great child care so decided to join. Here we are before heading out to the gym. I was trying to get a picture of us in the mirror but it was HARD! I love the way he's looking at me in this one though. :)
25. Right before I took this picture, Manny climbed up on that little tool bench in front of him and stood on it (while resting his hands on the hearth). He is such a daredevil! I freaked out when I saw it because he was wobbling like crazy. I pulled him down and luckily he hasn't tried it again...yet. :)
26. Manny absolutely loves his 100 First Words Book. It is one of the few books he'll actually sit still for while I read it. He looks at it all the time by himself too. And there's something on the back of the book that he always stares at. He flips it over and just looks and looks...so cute.
27. I was playing on the living room floor with Manny when I looked over and noticed a water bottle sticking out from under the couch. Upon further inspection, I saw SIX water bottles shoved under one corner of the couch. Looks like we have a little pack rat on our hands. :)
28. Friday was a beautiful day! We decided to take advantage of it and played outside for awhile. I cannot wait for spring!


  1. i love that you found all those water bottles under the couch! what a busy boy!!!

  2. Six water bottles under the couch, huh? That is too funny!

  3. He loves his waterbottles! Isn't funny what kids want to play with? He gets cuter every week! You are looking great too!

  4. Pack rat...that is too funny! I love the waving picture...he is a sweetie!

  5. He is hilarious and such a cutie pie :)

  6. So cute. Love the last one. Too funny about the water bottles.

  7. I really love these posts! I should've had the motivation to do these myself. And it STILL cracks me up about his little water bottle. Preicous little thing :) Happy Monday!

  8. He's such a little ham and a hoarder. Oh no. LOL.

  9. Oh gosh, GG stores things away too! Each time I go to clean it's always a surprise what I'll find! Adorable pics!

  10. ha! I am lovin' the water bottles under the couch :)

  11. These posts are always my favorites!!! Although every post of yours is great. I love the picture of him looking at the book. SO SO SO FUNNY!
    And the pic of you before the gym...hot momma! Wish I looked that good before going to the gym. Shoot! I just wish I went to the gym. And I just wish I looked good. But together would be a mad bonus!
    And last, could your child be better dressed? Little stud. 24/7. If I have a boy one day....please share?


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