January 11, 2011

A Weekend of Firsts!

This past weekend was a big one for Manny! We are down in Dallas at my sister's house and have been enjoying spending time here. We decided to go to church Saturday night since winter weather was predicted on Sunday. And guess what? I put Manny in nursery for the very.first.time. Yes, I know he's 7 months old, but I just haven't been ready to do it at our church. My sister goes to a large church and they have an amazing kid's program so I thought this would be the perfect time to try something like this. (He's kind of started waving...it's so cute!)
I checked in at the information booth, and they told me to take him to the green 5-8 month class. When I found his class, I started talking to the worker while giving her Manny's stuff. She sat him down and he immediately took off crawling and went and pulled up on something. She turned to me and said, "Um I think we might need to move him to another class...let me call the coordinator." So next thing you know, the coordinator is there and she says they're going to move him to the 9 month - walking class because he's too active for the 5-8 month class. And I may or may not have teared up at the realization that it's not just me - my baby really is trying to grow up too fast! :(
He didn't shed a tear when I left (which I was very thankful for!) and I was so anxious to go back and get him after service. We rounded the corner and looked in the door to see him off in the corner chewing on a book. I said his name and he looked up at smiled at us - it was soooo sweet!
I asked the worker if I could take a picture because this was his first time in nursery and I'm "that mom" who has to document everything. :) She said she couldn't believe it was his first time because he did so great and didn't cry one time! I'm pretty sure he was student of the day. I mean, they didn't actually give that award out, but if they would have? He had that wrapped up, baby. So yeah, it was a smashing success and I'm so glad I tried it. I will definitely be putting him in on a more regular basis now.
And as if that wasn't enough excitement for one weekend, on Sunday Manny saw his first snow! He was excited to go check it out, probably just because daddy and I were so excited.
Because once we got out there, he wasn't so sure what to think.

We let him touch the snow for a minute, and in true Manny fashion...he just stared.
I love watching him experience things for the first time...it's always so fun!


  1. Oh man! He is so cute. Your little man sounds alot like mine. :( he is growing too fast..... sniff sniff

  2. I live in the area, my little guy just stared at the snow too. Good for you, just dropping him off the first time was the hardest for me.

  3. He is SOO cute! I love the second to last picture...those big ol cheeks are the best!

  4. How fun! That church looks awesome!

  5. gosh, he is just the cutest!! glad he did well in church nursery! the first picture in the bear suit is my fave! what a happy baby :)

  6. How sweet! You are better than me, I definitely cried when my youngest went to the nursery! :)

  7. Such a big boy! It is crazy how quickly it happens. Now he's a "Busy Bee". That is so cute!

  8. Sarah, you make me laugh so much! Student of the day?! I literally LOL at my desk! I needed that laugh today - thanks! Manny is adorable as usual! Let me know when I can see you two again!!

  9. That is so precious. Good on ya for being able to put him in the church nursery. I'm not sure I'll ever be ready for that. My sister jokes that he will be 18 before I let him leave my side. My little guy wasn't impressed with the snow either, but I got more than a stare. He burst into tears when I had him touch it, lol. Poor guy!

  10. He is just toooo cute!!! Love him!! =)

    And missing you!!!

  11. I am cracking up that you just mentioned Stufent of the Day. Ha!!!!!
    He got promoted to the next grade level and was the unofficial Student of the Day. THAT is so serious AWESOMENESS, Emanuel!

  12. I LOVE this post! Hays has been in sunday school since he was 10 weeks and his teachers fell in love with him. This week he was promoted to the bumble bee class since he is more active ... his teachers were so upset that I broke down @ CHURCH! I could have cried through the entire service. I understand.
    I'm glad he did well. He is seriously the cutest kid.


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