February 28, 2011

9 months

Dear Emanuel,
Oh my sweet baby boy, you turned 9 months old on February 17th! What have you been up to this month?
  • You weigh 19 lbs 3 oz, which is around the 26th percentile. You are 27.5 long, which is about the 24th percentile. But your head? You must be one smart cookie Bubs, because your noggin has an 18 inch circumference, which is around the 63rd percentile. 
  • You have 8 little teefers that are SO precious! I just love your toothy grin, though it makes you look way to grown up for my liking.
  • You are wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 6-9 month clothes.
  • You know those teeth of yours we talked about? Well you love to grind them. Drives.me.crazy!! I don't know why you do this - I hear it's normal? But I'm ready for you to stop. The sound gives me goosebumps! You also like to make this little clicking sound, just like your Mimi. That sound is precious...it's so fun to see your little quirks and habits emerge!
  • Believe it or not, you really don't have any new nicknames this month. Well, not that stuck. We called you Magellan for a few days because this month you really started exploring! You used to just crawl around wherever we were, but now you like to take off and explore uncharted territory. And since I typed that, I have to mention this. I've always said "unchartered" territory. However, when I wrote that just now it was trying to autocorrect it. A quick google search informed me that "unchartered" is commonly misused when the correct term is "uncharted". So there you have it, Bubs...it is true you learn something every day! Even your wise old mama is still learning stuff. :)
  • You are cruising like crazy. You love to hang on to the edge of the couch or ottoman and just stroll in circles. We let you play with your walker on your 9 month birthday and you loved it!
  • On February 5th, you stood by yourself (unassisted) for the first time! You were playing with your Leap Frog table and then decided to just let go. It only lasted about 5 seconds but you're getting better and better at it each day. A couple days after that you tried to take a step on your own after letting go of the ottoman but quickly face-planted. Let's not rush into this walking business, Bubbers.
  • It is beyond difficult to photograph you now! You are far too busy to sit still for momma to take your picture. In the picture above, Daddy kept laying you down next to your monkey and you'd crawl off...you thought it was so funny.
  • You also started dancing a little this month! When the music comes on your Leap Frog table, you start bouncing along. It's so cute! I'm sorry Bubs but I think you got your Daddy's dancing (in)abilities.
  • It seems your favorite place to go hide & play is the powder room. If I set you down, you immediately take off for the powder room. Not sure why you love it so, but I started closing the door to it because you like to pull up on the toilet, and that's just gross, Bubs. So now you don't go back there as often, but sometimes you go and bang on the door. Mommy ruins all the fun, huh?
  • On January 31st, I learned you can crawl the stairs! I set you down in the dining room and you made a mad dash for the stairs, and proceeded to crawl all the way to the top! I stayed behind you to make sure you didn't fall. I couldn't believe how fast you went for it!
  • Your favorite song this month is probably Itsy Bitsy Spider. You try to do the spider motion too and it's so cute!
  • The tissue paper was yet again your favorite part of your monthly birthday gift from my friends in Waco. The new sippy cups they gave you are perfect and you love using them!
I can't believe we are getting so close to your 1st birthday! It seems each month goes by faster than the last. It's so fun watching you grow and learn...I wish I could know what goes on in your head because you're just so entertaining. You certainly fill my days with joy! I love you baby boy. XOXO.



  1. He is such a cutie.
    Hays grinds his teeth too and it drives me crazy! If you find a way to make him stop, please let me know.

  2. Aww...He is so adorable! My boy turns 9 months on 8th of March and he, too, is very hard to be photographed now.

    I'm among your new follower by the way!=)

  3. OMG he is so dang cute! You better be saving that sweet boy for my Harper!! I really have a question though.... what do you put in his hair? I can tell that he has something, because NO baby naturally has gorgeous ryan seacrest hair like that!!! And I can't find any baby hair products (well that's probably because I live in Texas no where, but you know what I mean)

  4. he is totally EDIBLE! look at that sweet toothy grin! LOVE it! can you believe our boys are that much closer to double digits?!?! Aaaahhhh!

  5. Well, of course he is brilliant!!! I mean, was there any doubt?!!? Um, no. Really, he is so off the charts cute! And I love seeing the pics of him with the monkey! Isn't it hard to believe they were ever that small?!? (At least I feel that way!)

    Keep the pictures coming! E is such a handsome, little man!


  6. Happy 9 months sweet, sweet Emanuel! :)

  7. He is soo cute!! I just love those dark eyes! Look out girls!!! :)

  8. How is he 9 months old?!? How are they almost a year old??? Manny and BG need to get together. I swear they sound like the same child!!


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