February 19, 2011

Project 365: Week 7

February 12 - Manny got a new sippy cup! But not just any sippy - it's one with a straw. We were having lunch with my friend Rebekah the day before, and Manny kept reaching for my cup of Diet Dr. Pepper. I finally just let him have it because he likes to chew on the straw. As I was starting to let him chew on it, I said to Rebekah, "Just so you know, he can't drink out of a straw. I don't want you to think I'm one of those mom's that gives her baby soda." And literally AS I'm saying that, we look down and he is starting to slurp up some Diet Dr. Pepper! Nice Sarah, real nice. Needless to say, I decided to pick him up a sippy with a straw. He loves it. Such a big shot, that kid is! 
February 13 - We went and ate Mexican after church. My niece Laci was loving on Manny...she is SO sweet with him!
February 14 - As I already mentioned, we went on our first date since Manny was born. Momentousness occasion, my friends. Good times. Must do that again soon.
February 15 - Manny has started pushing everything around. In this picture, he was using his Leap Frog table as a walker so he could cruise around the living room.
February 16 - I made some flower pom-poms to clip onto my shoes...details coming soon! They are SO easy to make and I just love them.
February 17 - Bubba Bear turned 9 months old today!! We celebrated by letting him push his walker around the living room. We haven't let him play with it yet because he'd try to take off real fast and couldn't quite keep up to walk behind it, so would fall and hurt himself. Not any more! He loves to stroll around behind it. And now he knows how to drop to his knees if it's getting too far away from him. He looks so big doing it! :( I included a couple of videos below. He's still getting the hang of it in these but I love it! And yes, Patrick and I are over the top cheesy...shocker. :) Oh, and the end of the first video shows how he likes to start throwing fits now. When he wants something, he grunts like that...SO dramatic. :)
February 18 - It was an absolutely beautiful day so we spent some time outside. Manny is normally so happy outside, but he was just not himself today and seemed sad. By the end of the day his fussiness had gotten much worse so I took him up to see Patrick so he could take a look at him. Turns out the poor guy has an ear infection. :( I guess that explains his mood the past couple of days. Hope he feels better soon!


  1. I am so glad I got to be there for Manny's first taste of Diet Dr Pepper! You can join the "Mother of the Year" club with me! Believe there are lots of those moments in your future! Do not beat yourself up over it! LOVE LOVE LOVE the flowers on your shoes! DO TELL how to make them!

  2. ...and the pics of him at the play table and with his walking toy...precious! He is growing up too fast, momma!

  3. i started lauhing out loud when i heard you say "he looks like an old man" b/c then i paid attn to his posture and could see it!!! ;) oh and the grunts can turn into more (head tossing...) and get quite unfun- but i'm glad i'm not the only mama of a boy who decided to show his emotions like this so early :)

  4. My boys took to the straw early and it was a life saver! :)

    Love these captures.

  5. What a cute series this is!!! I love the straw story, little Manny is such a smarty pants!! I will have to try that cup with Jillian.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend!


  6. He is so cute!! That is the toy Em walked with at first too!!

  7. He is so cute!! I love him looking for his Daddy in that second one!

  8. OMG. He is to die for. There are so many faces he makes that remind me so much of Nathan, it's so crazy! He is a mover and shaker for sure with that walker! I can't believe he is 9 months!!!!

    Miss you!!

  9. i'm so glad to hear you got a night out with patrick. this is something jason and I need to work on.

    love the shoes! can't wait for the tutorial!

    manny is adorable, as always. Cooper is the same way with his push toy. He gets overly excited and it gets too far away from him.

  10. I just love your blog! I gave you a blog award--just go to my blog for details. :)


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