March 23, 2011

Project 365: Weeks 10 & 11

Time to catch up on Project 365!
March 5 - Manny and I got out for a little shopping. Patrick took this picture before we headed out. I just love this picture because Manny is showing off his new smile that he started doing the day before.
March 6 - I was so excited that this cute shirt my mom bought for Manny awhile back finally fit him! I think he looks SO cute in it.
March 7 - So I know this is kind of gross, but Manny LOVES to kiss his reflection in our trash can. I am constantly wiping it down because the thought of it just seems nasty, but it's so funny when he crawls over to it and squeals and claps at his reflection...and then smacks a big one on it. Such a mess!
March 8 - Manny started feeling bad again this day...we had the hardest time kicking those ear infections! Fortunately they seem to be behind us now. But for this day, we hung out in our pj's and he cuddled his monkey.
March 9 - Today was a huge turning point - Manny seemed like a new kid! A friend invited me to go get a pedicure and I wasn't sure how'd it go, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Much to my surprise, Manny did great! That is, as long as he had a mum-mum in his hand. He is obsessed with those things!
March 10 - We went out to dinner with some friends and Manny just stared at their daughter the whole time. It was so cute! He was totally cheesing for her.
March 11 - One of Manny's favorite new games is to throw his monkey a few feet, then crawl to get it, pick it up, bang it on the ground a few times, then repeat. It's just silly and I love to watch him do this.
March 12 - We went to Oklahoma City for the weekend for some work stuff for my husband. The people hosting us left us a nice gift basket in our hotel room, and included this cute giraffe for Manny...I thought that was so thoughtful.
March 13 - We went to church then had lunch with Treb, one of Patrick's good college buddies that lives in OKC. It was so fun to see him - we hadn't seen him since our wedding day nearly 5 years ago! I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but my dad married was so special. So Treb did the beginning of the ceremony while my dad was busy giving me away. :)
March 14 - I spent entirely too much time today trying to find the perfect cups for my cup wreath, which I made for the baby shower. It was a little bit of a learning process making this thing, but now that I have it figured out it's quite simple. I will share all of that in my tutorial, which I hope to have up early next week.
March 15 - We spent the day at home trying to get everything ready for the busy week ahead. Manny was a great helper and had fun helping me get stuff done. He loves to fold laundry. And by that, I mean he likes to stand at the dryer door and bang on it while I fold laundry.
March 16 - Today we threw my oldest sister Jenny a surprise 40th birthday party! I will post all about it tomorrow.
March 17 - My niece Gabi gave Manny a bath in the sink at my parent's house. She was using this cup to rinse him off and he kept filling it and trying to drink out of it. I got the biggest kick out of this! I don't know why; I guess just because I've never seen him try to drink out of a cup like this before...I guess he's been watching us. :)
March 18 - We drove to Dallas the night before, and this day was beautiful! We went to enjoy the park and Manny got to swing for the first time. I'm going to post some more pictures of him on the swing because it was so cute and funny. To begin with, he wasn't so sure and was just kind of looking around.
 Then my brother-in-law started pushing him and he started to get excited.
 He was loving it!
But then suddenly this look appeared on his face. It was like he was saying, "Hold up, what's going on here?"
 And let the meltdown begin. It was a slow process...

 but the grimace seemed to be staying in place.
So this ended our swinging as he started to protest and it looked like the fun was over.
 I can't wait for more days at the park...I know he'll love it!


  1. He is so cute and silly! :) silly guy! My son has that cute fox shirt too!

  2. Those little legs hanging out of the swing are just too much. Too much!!

  3. Oh, he is just SOOO cute!! He looks so handsome in his collared shirts :)

  4. The one of him kissing the trash can is too funny! Who wouldn't want to kiss that sweet face?

  5. Hahaha, that face! My son hates swinging! He starts off like he's having fun and then about two pushes in he starts to freak out. Oh well ;)

  6. Not sure about anyone else, but I am having trouble reading the text on the black checked background :(

  7. He is so cute! BG drinks out of her rinse cup all of the time. I have no idea how to make her stop anymore!!

    The swing pictures are awesome.

  8. LOL - those swing pics are priceless!!! He looks so cute! My son HATES swinging...he can sit in it all day long, but the second you make it move - total meltdown occurs! Too funny!!!

  9. Great photos!! Love the one of him kissing himself in the stove. The swing photos are adorable!!


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