April 22, 2011

Friday Fragments

left image via Pottery Barn, right image via The Steen Style
1. When I saw this beverage tub on The Steen Style, I knew I had to get one! It's only $14 at Dollar General, and doesn't it look a lot like the one from Pottery Barn that is $110?! I think I will really get a lot of use out of it.
2. Thanks to my sweet friend Tiffany, I have an adorable new blog button! It's over to the right if you want to grab it. And if you ever need any blog design stuff, I highly recommend you check out Tiffany's design blog...she's great to work with!

3. I am SO glad that warmer weather is here, but I am not glad that I am pasty white. I know we've talked about self tanners before, but could you share with me your favorites again please? I keep seeing lots of ads for new ones and would like to try something.

4. Have you seen these? I am absolutely obsessed with them. Something about the pretzel bread? Little drops of heaven, I tell you. SO good. I've only had the Grilled Chicken Jalapeno Cheddar Lean Pocket Pretzel Bread, but I l-o-v-e it.
5. And of course, I can't post without sharing a picture of my little peanut. I wanted to take his picture in the weeds flowers, but all he wanted to do was eat them. :) 

That's all for today, my friends. Have a great weekend, and Happy Easter!!! 


  1. Hey Sarah!!! I need to email you back! Ughhhh! My life has been crazy! :-S I got a really good self tanner called fake bake. Tons of my friends use it and love it. I got it at a hair salon.... maybe online???

  2. I need to know about self tanners too. I'm flourescent I'm so white!!

  3. I am so pasty you would need sunglasses if I were to dare to wear shorts! HA! I have heard lots of good things about fake bake too. I know they used to sell it in salons in Little ROck. I am going to go by DG today and see if they have anymore of those. I have wanted one for a long time!

  4. Manny looks adorable in those seersucker shorts! =)

    I've used L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Gel twice now (I didn't want to be see through white for Easter ha!) and so far I really like it. It kind of takes a little while to dry but the color isn't that awful orange of most and I haven't had a problem with streaking.

  5. Thanks SO much for the shout out! You're too sweet! Ummm....pretty sure I'll be gettin' outside ASAP for a lil' color & vitamin D! Yikes! Have you ever seen Twilight?!?! Yeah...that's me!!

    That pic of Manny....SER.I.OUS.LY!!!! I kinda just wanna squeeeeeeze him he's SO cute!!!

  6. Hi sweet friend,
    Grabbed your button! So cute! My daughter had to make mine for me! Ha!
    Self tanner: I like the L'Oreal Sublime and I'm a fair skin strawberry blond and works fine.
    DG metal cooler: Love it!....I was just in DG today and will head back tomorrow to check it out! Would love one of those babies on my deck! Are you in a large town with a big DG? My town is about 5,000 so hopefully they will have it or I'll be doing some DG hopping!
    Manny is getting cuter every month! He is going to have the young ladies after him. Fair warning! :0)

  7. I will have to look for that beverage thing at our Dollar General. Sweet photo of Manny.

  8. Hey thanks for the shout-out! Glad you like the tub, we love ours!

    I use L'Oreal Sublime Bronze lotion in the medium-dark color. I use it every day for a week in preparation for an event (like a wedding we're going to this weekend) and love the way I look at the end of the week! This is the second summer I've used it and have no complaints.


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