April 25, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Organization

Organization makes my heart skip a beat. And labels? Just make me melt. Yes, I'm a dork. That being said, I still have a long ways to go in organizing my life. Before I was married, I was probably a little OCD. Then I married the World's Most Laid Back Guy EVERRR, and things started changing. I relaxed quite a bit, but still get giddy over a well organized space. I always love seeing what other people do to stay organized, so I thought I'd join in Kelly's Korner to share some of the ways I stay organized.
As I mentioned, I LOVE labels, and label just about anything I can. Having a Cricut feeds my obsession because I can quickly cut out whatever I need. If you don't have a Cricut, there are some shops on Etsy that sell vinyl labels for a pretty reasonable price. My pantry is one such space that is labeled. And believe it or not, it helps making my grocery list much quicker! I can see what areas need stuff at a glance. You can read more about my pantry here.
I hate stacks of mail. And it is SO easy to pile up. So, I go through it before I even take it in the house. I immediately throw away the junk and put the bills in an organizer on the counter. The real problem though? Lies with my husband's mail. He gets soooo many journals, packages, and magazines that the clutter is out of control...not to mention the fact that he's a total pack-rat. So our solution is this basket. I put his mail in it, and once it's full (which would be now - ha!) he has to go through it. It works for us...most of the time. :)

Keeping the files on my computer organized is something I have to stay up with or it gets out of control and I can't find anything when I need it. So when I saw this custom desktop background template you can download from the CoffeeShop blog, I immediately made one of my own. I love having the little categories that you can put the appropriate stuff in. Lists and organization like this just seems to make me more productive!
As I just mentioned, I'm a huge list person. My favorite app to help with this is called Awesome Note or ANote. You can make folders for your lists, which of course just makes me giddy! :) Unfortunately I'm desperately in need of a new phone, and this app (along with many others, like Twitter) crash everytime I open them, so I haven't been using it much lately. Can't wait for upgrade time so I can get a phone that actually works!

Manny's closet is another place that I've used a lot of labels. Having all of the bins and size dividers has made things SO easy. Something else I've recently added is a plastic storage tub in the corner. If something doesn't fit, I just go ahead and toss it in there so it's out of the way. Then once the tub fills, I fold everything up nice and label the outside of the tub with the size. It is pretty simple and helps keep the sizes in his closet current. You can read my original post on his closet here.

I shared how I made this dry-erase calendar here, and I can't say enough how much I love it. It is so handy to see our appointments, birthdays, etc. for the month at a glance. I promise I haven't forgotten about creating a printable version as I mentioned...it's just finding the time to do it. :)

As you can see, I could go on and on about organization stuff, but I will stop for now. Hope some of these tips might help you organize your life a little more! :)


  1. Fantastic post! I'm exicted to check out the ANote app. I'm a list person too, if it doesn't get written down, it doesn't happen. I've tried sticky notes, a small notebook in my purse, but stuff still gets lost in the shuffle. I ALWAYS have my phone....thanks for the great info!

  2. My husband thought I'd gone off the deep end a few weeks ago when I labeled the pantry. Glad to know i'm not alone :)

  3. Hi! I just stopped by form Kelly's Korner.
    Love your blog. Your pantry is Awesome!

  4. OMG!! I wish I could say I am an organizer but that is the LAST thing that I am!! EEK! Need your help! I hate lists! Another EEK!! =(

    Hope you are well, missing you!!!

  5. GREAT ideas! Love your pantry...I am inspired to nake some labels! Your blog is adorable! Found it through It's In The Details!

  6. Holy COW. Your organization makes me feel like a failure at life. lol. I just downloaded that app...

  7. This is probably inappropriate... but I am pretty sure this post just gave me a tiny orgasm. That is how much I, too, love labels and organization. But this is the best of the best! I am pretty sure they wrote the Friends character Monica around people like us! ha!! I am on my way to find that desktop!! LOVE IT!

  8. omg..I just downloaded the background too. I LOVE IT. My type A husband will be SO PROUD :)

  9. Fantastic job! I love it all.

    Your blog is precious. It's great to meet you! I found you on SUYL. My post is called *Clean & Clutter-Free*.

    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  10. Thanks for the information and Im definitely going to have to check out that app that looks wonderful!

  11. We are soooo related Sarah!! I hope to some day have a pantry like yours. At work I labeled the shelves that hold all of our handouts!
    That is the coolest desktop, just got a new computer, I'll have to set it up! Jarred is OCD and always yells at me for having random things on my desktop!

  12. This post made me giddy! I love organization too!


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