May 31, 2011

Manny's 1st Birthday Party {Part 3}

So in case you missed it :), we celebrated Manny's 1st birthday last week! You can see the first two parts here and here, and now it's time to finish up all this birthday party madness with one final post!

Manny was all business when it came smash cake time. I made the little topper with these free printables from The TomKat Studio. When she shared these back in October, I saved them knowing that it's exactly what I wanted to do for Manny's smash simple and fun!  I did it the same way Kim did that she mentions at the bottom of that post and it worked great. It was so windy outside that it was hard to get a great picture of it, but it turned out so cute.
You can see the topper better in this picture from his one year shoot with Jessica Meinardus Photography.

My best friend made Manny this adorable birthday crown! The details of it are amazing...thanks so much is beyond adorable. :)

As I've mentioned before, my mom & Manny share a birthday! So I thought it'd be fun to make her a smash cake too. She showed a little more restraint with it than Manny did. :)

 And this is what happens when you decide he's had enough cake and take it away.  Poor little guy. :(

I wanted some boxers for Manny to eat his smash cake in, so I asked SheShe Made if they could make a pair with a sock monkey on the butt. They turned out so cute, along with his birthday outfit and bib! Thanks girls for all of the adorable stuff and letting me pick exactly what I wanted. :) The sock monkey on his boxers and jon jon were actually made from a sock used for decorations at one of his baby showers.
I also made a photo book (from Snapfish) with pictures from Manny's first year. I left white space throughout so the party guests could sign it.

My parents gave Manny this super cute toy box that my mom customized with Manny's name...we love it!

Manny loved the ridiculously huge balloon (I talked about it in my Week 20 Project 365 post, and it's actually tons smaller here as we'd had it for 5 days by this point!) so we had some fun taking pictures with it.
And just a few more pictures...Manny cruising around on his new car while enjoying a banana and some of the party guests.

Well, that about wraps it up! Sorry for the picture overload but it was really hard to choose. We had so much fun celebrating his first year and I just can't believe my baby is already one...what a perfect end to a perfect year! :)


  1. His party was so sweet! You did a great job! Have you been to Whimsy Boutique before? I saw that they had tons of sock monkey stuff and I thought of you. It's in downtown Van Buren.

  2. what a great bday! You obviously put so much time and effort into it and it was fabulous! LOVe the boxers and his party hat is AMAZING!

  3. What a beautiful party!!!!! You did an amazing job!

  4. His party was so cute! You have a gift for party throwing!

  5. Wow! I've just got to say again what a fabulous job you've done! You've given me such fun inspiring ideas for my son's pirate party this coming Saturday!

    Great job! It all looked so wonderful!

  6. What a great party! We are planning Blake's right now!! I can't believe our boys are 1 {and mine is almost}...they grow up fast!


  7. Thank you Sarah for replying so quickly to my email, I really appreciate it! Oh, and I just found ANOTHER idea I might steal from his party! Will give you all the credit, girl!! :)

    p.s. love the boxers!!

  8. his party looks like way more fun than any party i've ever been to. what a lucky little boy! :)

  9. looks like it was an absolutely perfect day!

  10. Seriously you are the best party planner ever. Looks so fun!

  11. I love the smash cake! I used to think you had to have the perfect expensive bakery cake but I love how the cake it just so simple and is accentuated by the banner. Perfect, Sarah!

    Love the crown! She should sell them!

    Everything is amazing. You can tell you put so much thought and love into his party.

  12. Oh....what sweet photos!! Love the party decorations!

  13. Great party! Loved the pics and your blog. Just ordered a pair of boxers from she she made, but worried about the size. What size did you go with as our son's look the same size. Thanks!!:)


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