May 29, 2011

Project 365: Week 19, 20, & 21

I really fell behind on Project 365, so here are the last 3 weeks worth!
May 7 - Now that Manny has been introduced to this style of cart, it's about all he wants to ride in. He gets so excited when we go to Target and he sees it. Unfortunately they're not always available so that always makes for a nice scene when I try to put him in the regular cart.
May 8 - I took more pictures of my new nephew Zeke this day!
May 9 - The weather finally warmed up, and Manny enjoyed walking around outside. Such a big shot!
May 10 - I had my nieces this week and we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. They had so much fun playing on the playground.
May 11 - We had a pretty bad thunderstorm and ended up losing power for almost 6 hours. You know how fun that is when you have 3 kids you can't take outside because of the weather? Patrick got home about an hour after we lost power and the kids were running you can see by the blur in this picture. We ended up going to Chick-fil-a (again) for dinner but unfortunately the power was still out when we got home. I felt like I was living back in the pioneer days, putting the kids to bed by candlelight.
May 12 - We took the kids to the bounce house and had a fun time!
May 13 - Olivia found Manny's old Wubbanub and decided she needed to use it. It's so funny because she's never taken a pacifier...maybe the arrival of her new baby brother has made her want one? :)
May 14 - Going out to eat with Manny is quite an adventure anymore. He kept flirting with this group of girls at the next table who were going to prom.
May 15 - Patrick got Manny dressed and decided to make him look a little dorky by pulling his socks all the way up. Manny was not a fan.
May 16 - I wanted a big balloon for Manny's 1 year pictures. I had ordered one online when I took his pictures for his invitations, but couldn't find anyone who would inflate it for me. So I went to the party store and asked if they had any big balloons, and they did. While they were airing it up, I walked around the store. I had NO clue how huge it would actually get. Patrick's eyes about popped out of his head when I walked out the door with it (he stayed in the car with Manny). It would not fit in the back end of our car, so it had to ride up front with Patrick. He officially decided I'm crazy and we couldn't stop laughing the whole way home. The balloon was so ridiculously huge I didn't even like the way it looked after all that.
May 17 - We had Manny's 1 year pictures with Jessica Meinardus Photography today. LOVE them! :)
May 18 - Patrick's brother and his family came to visit us for the week, and we went to Tulsa to do some shopping for the day. At the end of the day we went to Incredible Pizza. The kids (and us!) had a lot of fun - especially on the bumper cars!
May 19 - We did some more shopping and the boys were good sports. :)
May 20 - My sister texted me this picture of my niece Ellie on this day. Ellie had her end of the year program at school and she wanted to wear her crown the whole stinking cute!
May 21 -I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but we had Manny's first birthday party! :)
May 22 - Manny loves to help me unload the dishwasher. :)
May 23 - I had to take some paperwork by a business I'm working with. It was supposed to be a quick visit so I had Manny with me. We ended up having to wait a bit and next thing I know Manny had ripped the bell off the's the blur in his hand. Lovely, Bam-Bam.
May 24 - In case you haven't realized by now, this kid is ALWAYS on the go. It's so hard to take pictures of him anymore...especially on my cell phone because there's a delay. I was trying to get him to stand still in this picture and he just kept laughing and running off. Such a mess!
May 25 - Manny loves turkey...he always gets excited when I give him some...he even started clapping in this picture.
May 26 - We took Manny for his first visit to the dentist. He was not a fan, as evidenced by the tear on his cheek. :(
May 27 - Manny was supposed to be taking a nap, but when I looked at the monitor I caught him reading a book. I guess his go-go-gadget arms reached the bookshelf!


  1. What wonderful photos. I love them! What a great wrap up of your weeks.

  2. love all the photos! you are doing so good keeping up with that! good for you!


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