June 23, 2011

A few randoms

1. Patrick taught Manny how to look through the little telescope on his playset, and now he does it all the time. It's so funny to see him squish his little face up and look through it.

2. I am helping throw a Sip & See for my sister Rachael this weekend, and have been busy planning away for it. The banner tutorial I promised only 3 months ago is coming soon! What a slacker I am.
3. Have you guys seen this Cake Pop Maker? My best friend sent me the link to it and it looks SO cool and easy...I'm trying to convince myself not to buy it. My online shopping has been a bit out of control lately! I was going to order it but they don't take Paypal and I'm too lazy to get up and get my wallet I'm exercising self-control. 

4. It's been awhile since I've shared a video of Manny, so I thought I'd post this one I took on Sunday. It is really long and just random, but I know our family will love to see it and his silly personality. This was right after we got home on Sunday, and I was trying to get him to show Patrick how he dances a lot more now. He was still sick here, but was so excited to see Patrick that he was giddy. He just kept cheesing at him and doing this hissing noise he makes when he gets excited. Towards the end he dances a little, but nothing quite like when he's really getting after it. I'll have to try to video him once he is back to 100%.

Watching this kid never gets old...love him to pieces! :)


  1. Manny is soooo adorable! Love it. That cake pop maker is really neat. How cool!

  2. cute!! By the way, the cake pop maker is so worth it. I say, BUY it! I love it. Super easy to use. ;)

  3. My nieces have the same little play structure ... I loved when my nieces went from trying to fit their mouths around the telescope to actually looking through of it :)

  4. LOVE the cakepop maker. I dont know if you have a kohls near you but they were on sale for 19.99 and I had a 15% off coupon. Totally worth it!

  5. he is just so stinkin cute! and a cakepop maker??? really!? so need one!!

  6. He is silly...and so adorable! I did not know about the cake-pop maker. That certainly makes it a lot easier!

  7. I am terrible at making cake pops....I may need a cake pop maker. Hhmmmm.

  8. OMG! I need that cake pop maker! It's going on my wish list right now!

  9. Okay he is the cutest thing ever!! And I have been too scared to make cake pops, maybe I need that machine...

  10. What an adorable pic of Manny and the telescope! He is so cute!
    I've never heard of a cake pop maker! HUMMMMM...now that's a fun idea...I think I'll wait on you to get it and then watch ALL the fantastic ideas you come up with! Do you just work all day on adorable projects? Oh by the way...will you do a post sometime on a Cricket??? Very curious about it and how they work? You would make it look so simple! How big are they, things you do with it, what supplies do you need to have, cost...etc.
    Just an idea if you need a post sometime! :0)
    Have a beautiful day...Kansas is hot hot hot! My son has been going to Tulsa every week taking race horses and he said it's been toasty there too. Are your parents on Grand Lake with their amphitheather? We go there!! Can you tell where it is if you don't mind? Thanks....

  11. What a great blog. I'm happy to have come across life {sweet} life and oh my gosh, those MONKEY shorts...so cute!


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